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  1. ChowellYZ146

    YZ125 for low experience rider?

    I have a 125 and live in Utah, I LOVE it. I mostly just ride single track and I think you'll probably be fine on it. You may find yourself in trouble a time or two, but you'll likely survive. As a side note, these bikes are NOT good for riding fire roads unless you are just going to be literally putting around. I've seized the crank on mine twice now, both times riding down a road to get back to where I was parked. I learned the hard way that they don't like constant high RPM's, just keep that in mind. 4 strokes will be more suitable for this type of riding, but not nearly as much fun. As for the getting bored with it... I have a YZ 250 also, and ride it to make my life easier in the mountains, but I still ride my 125 as often as possible. It brings a smile to my face every time I take it out. The 250... not so much.
  2. ChowellYZ146

    Crank Seals are shot, have a few questions

    Lol, honestly I've desert raced and rode some gnarly stuff on my YZ125, it's so much fun. I'm not at all disappointed that I'm not taking the 250. And I realized when I got my top end gasket kit, that I accidentally ordered it for the 125. 🙄At least I'll have a project to work on this winter, the 250 needs more love than I expected.
  3. ChowellYZ146

    Crank Seals are shot, have a few questions

    Thanks for everyone’s input! I think I’ve finally reached my annoyance point and decided to just shove it to the side of the garage until I have more time. I have a trusty little 125 that I’ll take on my trip with me. I think
  4. ChowellYZ146

    Crank Seals are shot, have a few questions

    Finally got the jug off and found all sorts of surprises! The up side is the crank seems solid. The head.... not so much. Luckily this wasn’t caused anytime since I’ve had the bike. What are your thoughts on the head? I have a few friends who say screw it, and run it the way it is.
  5. ChowellYZ146

    Crank Seals are shot, have a few questions

    It's actually coming out of the exhaust port on the cylinder. And it's not entirely burnt premix. The top end was just done 33 hours ago, I tried to take it off to check the crank last night and the dumbass guy I bought it from decided that all gaskets needed to have a sealant on each side of the gasket. So basically the jug is glued to the case and I'm struggling to get it off. The joys of buying used bikes!
  6. ChowellYZ146

    Crank Seals are shot, have a few questions

    The oil on the left side I'm 99% was premix and gas. As for movement with the fly wheel, there was none. I think the oil coming from the exhaust port is definitely transmission oil though, it has a consistency that isn't burnt premix. Thanks for a little reassurance! I'll be tearing off the top end on Saturday and going from there. Fingers crossed there isn't any play in the rod.
  7. Went to replace the clutch cable on my 09 YZ 250 this last weekend, and found oil in side of the left side housing. Pulled the fly wheel and determined the seal was shot. Drained the oil and started think about how much oil this bike has been puking out of the power valve this summer and started wondering if the clutch side seal was also shot. It doesn't smoke excessively or smell weird, but the amount of oil that comes out of it has always been a thing of mystery. I had rejetted it and cleaned the carb, adjusted the float all that fun stuff. I measured the oil that came out of the case tonight and it's about 3 ounces short, which tells me it's sucking in oil from the transmission. New seals are on the way and I've read that I can replace those without splitting the case. My concern is, and I'm hoping some of you have had experience with this, are my seals shot because of bad bearings? Or could they just have worn out and need to be replaced. I also ordered a top end gasket kit and figured I would pull the jug off this weekend and see if there is any play in the rod. I'm worried because I'm leaving for Moab next Friday to go ride and it's super cold in Utah right now. Don't really want to be in my cold ass garage replacing these things, but I want to take this bike with me. I have a back up bike, but would rather take the 250. If there isn't any play in the rod and the crank bearings feel good, should I not worry? Thanks in advance for the input!
  8. ChowellYZ146

    looking for GPS or smartphone app for trails

    Didn't realize it wasn't compatible on both.
  9. ChowellYZ146

    GP vs Enduro Racing?

    In the desert series I occasionally race in, the gp races are way shorter loops, and involve riding half of an Mx track and then detouring off that into an off road course. You ride that loop for a certain time based on the class you are racing in, one hour to two hours. They are typically easier. The enduros are a loop but have test sections that you are timed in, and transfer sections in between the test sections that aren’t timed. Honestly, google enduro format and read what it says. It will make way more sense than what I just wrote.
  10. ChowellYZ146

    looking for GPS or smartphone app for trails

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this one, but I downloaded motion-x gps for the Baja 1000. You can create your own routes, waypoints, track rides and download detailed road, terrain, etc and it all works without any service. It’s 3 bucks but totally worth it.
  11. ChowellYZ146

    Yz125 for woods

    It is, I bought it slightly used for $50 bucks!
  12. ChowellYZ146

    Yz125 for woods

    I woke up with the sun today to take my favorite little bike up into the mountains. I have a yz250 set up for desert and mountains, and the 125 still puts a smile on my face the whole time I’m riding it. This will be one I never part with.
  13. ChowellYZ146

    2017 yz 250 constantly fouling plugs. pilot jet?

    I agree with set the float and then rejet it to the correct altitude and temps. I also wouldn't be running it 50:1, 44:1 seems to be the sweet spot for my yz250 and 125. The attached chart is also a life saver. I ride in hot temps in the mountains a lot so I just look at the high and low range of everything and pick something in the middle. Has worked well for me so far.
  14. ChowellYZ146

    Intermountain Spark Arrestor Order

    I am amazed that they require you to have a spark arrestor but don't bother considering the hot pipes on 4 strokes igniting a flame. With that being said, even on a two stroke, I run one because I don't want to have to pay that "annoyance tax." 😉
  15. ChowellYZ146

    Where to Ride Near SLC

    What kind of riding do you like? Singletrack, desert? Personally I wouldn't ride anywhere north of salt lake unless you are going to Logan Canyon to ride single track, unless you really like riding crappy rock 4x4 trails.... my apologies to anyone who likes riding this. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to riding good trails. American Fork Canyon is about 45 minutes south of SLC, it's fun mountain single track. Anything else is going to be at least 2 hours south. If you are doing a spring trip I would say cherry creek area, it's about 1.5 - 2 hours south. LOTS of great singletrack on the north end, south side has singletrack, 4x4 and dunes if you're into that. Or you can travel into Price area, it's about 3 hours south of SLC and AWESOME desert singletrack. Feel free to PM if you want more detailed suggestions. Also this website is great for checking out trails in the area. http://www.dirtbikefrenzy.com/