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  1. iceman kimi

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Ben Hemingway is qualified for the extreme session of the Hell's Gate. He finished the morning qualification in eight position (if i'm correct)
  2. iceman kimi

    BETA shop websites

    ahahahahahha crazy mate!
  3. iceman kimi

    2015 Beta 300 Race Edition arrived!

    cool. cool cool cool.
  4. iceman kimi

    Beta cross reference?

    i don't remember if we have already discussed about this, but anybody knows if ktm front rotors fit our beta? i remember something but i am not sure at all...
  5. iceman kimi

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    nice bike, impossible to reach to try out the ergonomics... it looks like a serious Freeride...
  6. iceman kimi

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    In the next few days i think something more precise will come out, but if there is some other question i can ask at the fair!
  7. iceman kimi

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Full size brakes (unlike the Freeride)
  8. iceman kimi

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    The new (oil injected) X-Trainer 300 has been revealed in Milan yesterday. http://www.enduro360.com/2014/11/02/featured/beta-x-trainer-300/ I'm leaving for Milan today (work stuffs) but i wil be at EICMA saturday to take a look. If you have specific questions, i can ask...
  9. iceman kimi

    Got to ride the Sherco 300 sef-r 300 se-r

    this is a bike i always found interesting (the four-stroke 300cm3) but never had the chance to ride it.
  10. iceman kimi

    No more Cody Webb

    There is a dealer in Turin (Magic Bike) very close to Yamaha Europe. They make a street legal version if the Yz450 (enduro and SM) and a couple of riders usef it on the WEC last years (team UFO corse in the last year drop it because that engine is pure madness). They are the one who make street legal the YZ125 (boano title bike with Soreca comes from there) Quite expensive bikes...they make only a few but if you have a YZ they can do it...
  11. iceman kimi

    No more Cody Webb

    In the World Enduro Championship, nobody use a CRF X or a Suzuki RM X and not even a Yamaha WR (they use a street legal version of the YZ450) it's all about performance, they don't ride bikes because of the reliability or because they are fun to ride...
  12. iceman kimi

    Possible collapsable fuel bottles?

    Cool. BTW i think for a frequent use there is a more convenient solution. http://liquidcontainment.com.au/cartpage/viewproduct/229/2-Litre-Touring-Bladder
  13. iceman kimi

    Possible collapsable fuel bottles?

    TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) should handle gasoline well, but you have to check the material of the cap and gasket (if there is one). The bite valve is made out of silicone...not cool. If you can find a cap with the same thread made out of Polyethylene (PE) that would be a way to go... EDIT: i did not read well...at the bottom they said "HDPE screw cap" (good) but it would be nice to check the valve, the way it works and if there is the need of block it.
  14. iceman kimi

    No more Cody Webb

    Beta is making a big effort racing the WEC with a top-class rider like Aubert and have some good young guy on the Boano junior team (2 world titles last week). Endurocross is (imo) completely in AM Beta hands and they have to compete with Blazusiak with a top-notch full factory bike... I am a huge Beta fan but is impossible for me to say that a privateer Beta is a better bike than a factory KTM... I do not buy bikes because of the wins, i don't race seriously (at least, not even close to a decent level...) and i want a fun bike, not a fast bike.
  15. iceman kimi

    No more Cody Webb

    Webb i think will ride a full factory bike (with 52mm WP's , etc...) and when you talk about factory bikes, KTM is the best bet. Imho.