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  1. BluezookS

    I think I’ll be an ex-690 owner

    Lower seat height? WTF! I thought everyone had a 38 inch inseam. 😜 I’m thinking a 1090 would be more versatile. It’s not like that 790 is going to be flying down tight single track with ease.
  2. PThere’s a Bon Ami ring seat method out there. I heard of it on a TV show years ago. GM was having oil burning issues with a 50s model car. The cure was to start the car let the carb suck in Comet powder resulting in a honing of the cylinder. I guess it worked. My ‘16 690 burned oil on the last ride. I was upset bc like others I’ve always taken pride in my new bike break in procedure. FYI warning: A friend with a 690 was out on a big Colorado trip and his bike got low on oil. He had no motorcycle oil and had to buy car oil. He smoked his clutch by the end of the trip (friction modifiers in car oil). With my oil burning situation I’m gonna bring some motorcycle in small heavy duty repurposed containers. For fun https://lyndonposkittracing.com/product/nova-racing-gearbox
  3. BluezookS

    Biggest Battery

    I have a 2004 400 EXC. So to use the Yuasa YTZ7S I need to buy KTM part number 59011055100 battery tray. I think this is the information I was searching for. The 7 is only 1mm bigger all around.
  4. BluezookS

    Hotrodding an SL100

    Canaweb what CB125s parts do you have from you part out?
  5. BluezookS

    round analog tachometer...

    Found these: http://www.vanem.com.au/Instruments.htm PDF page 8-9 http://shindypro.com/2002_catalog_bw.pdf http://shindypro.com/catalog/each_q_ptype.key24.html Body 2.36" or 60mm
  6. BluezookS

    Allergic reaction to the desert

    I think they can test a sample of your blood now to determine what you are allergic to. The back scratch is old school. Are you riding behind your buddy's two smoke? Have him switch to a different flavor of oil.
  7. BluezookS

    What exercises help ...

  8. BluezookS

    GasGas Carb questions

    My buddy had a GG 250. He would kick the beast for ever before it would start. It messed up his bad knee. One day we discovered his petcock was not OFF in the OFF position. It leaked. In addition to that his reed valves were bad. He fixed those problems and it started normally. They should start easily unless something is wrong with the jetting. My GG280 starts fine unless I leave the butt plug in the tail pipe. DJH in the carb forum says a week or two with gas in the float can clog the pilot jet.
  9. BluezookS

    Who has shipped a bike?

    How to ship a bike ETCycles Give Les a call he can find a trials bike for you. http://www.motosoup.com/ Try this for used trials bikes. http://www.setrialsriders.org/ Go to an event bikes are for sale usually and you can test ride one. Shipping a bike: I shipped two motocross bikes worth about $600 from PHX to ATL for about $200. I made the crates rented the Home Depot flat bed, dropped them off at a freight terminal and a few days later they were at a freight terminal in ATL where I picked them up. I used Freight Quote. It would to expensive to have someone come to the house pack and ship the bikes for $2000. I called freight quote made the arrangements, was faxed the paperwork, then went to the freight depot and dropped off the bikes. Very simple and inexpensive. Guys who ride trials drop their bikes a lot, they get scratched and dinged so don't expect a perfect trials bike.
  10. BluezookS

    How do I Hydrate During Race?

    I saw some experienced guys at an enduro drinking this the night before. A friend who is a sponsored enduro rider says he keeps the Camelback hose in his mouth and when he makes a error or slip up he takes a sip, not that will be an instant cure but it is a trigger to hydrate.
  11. BluezookS

    Bulging Disk's/Sciatica and MX

    I found the above hereSports Medicine Advisor
  12. BluezookS

    Bottom of Foot pain

    I talked to a guy who had the pain, tried everything up to the point of surgery. Someone told him tight hamstring muscles will contribute to the pain. He started stretching the Hams and the pain went away. If I stretch my hams I wake up with no pain. No stretch pain in the am. I got these ace bandage things with velcro that go around the arch of the foot for sleeping. The idea is they keep the muscle stretched at night so when you wake up it won't tighten and hurt. This is what I bought at a shoe store. Stretch and see if that helps.
  13. BluezookS

    Iron in your diet: Good or Bad?

    I know a coworker who has hemochromatosis. He was a runner and started having joint troubles. One ankle was fused like a ski boot do to bone problems. Then he had a wrist fused. A few years later his other wrist was bothering him so he went to the doctor and said I think this wrist needs to be fused too. This doctor said something isn't right and did tests and found the iron retention disease. He had to give blood often for a year to help deplete the iron build up and he was taking medication. I thought he said 1 in 8 people have half the gene it takes to get the disease.
  14. BluezookS

    Broken Femur

    Dr. Mark, I have seen some x rays posted where the rod is in place but there are sharp chunks of broken bone laying there attached to nothing. What happens to those bone pieces? Like in the picture below. These chunks even leave a bulge. This x ray is from http://www.xr650r.net/ "XR Bones"
  15. Even simpler. Nice job on the trailer.