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  1. Brick Top

    Dash lights too bright

    Yes, drove me nuts. Played with loads of options and rearrange so that I do not see them except for temp and flasher. I changed to opaque leds but yes they did.
  2. I found the normal light pretty use less.
  3. Brick Top

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    I can believe that. Few years ago I bought a suzuki vitara 1.6L engine from the U.K. The seller did not drain the fluids. Shipping company contacted me...I paid for draining and re crating. Then shipping company lost the engine...they paid the insurance to seller and I could never get a hold of him. So he got double the money. I hope he gets what he deserves..
  4. Brick Top

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    As per your request a wider view. And some good stuff from Advrider. https://advrider.com/f/threads/rallye-navigation-bracket-photo-thread.684282/
  5. Brick Top

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Hehe I can not tell how many versions I have made. Started 4 years ago and still in process. I travel a lot because of work so that also add up on the timer. Layout is so that when I stand I can see easy the GPS and temp lights. The high beam is lower. My eyes are pretty light sensitive so I don't need that annoying light. Neutral also low. I do not need that while driving. Idicator light is high because I have some mental block in remembering to switch them off. My first few versions were like christmas lights with all the leds. I am currently in China will be next week at home and I will get a wider view picture for you.
  6. Brick Top

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Thanks, the green 4 is 14.4 Volts, not sure if it is just a funny angle with my phone or why it only shows .4.
  7. Brick Top

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Finnish and Russian border.
  8. Brick Top

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    My highly molested Drz 440, nova WG, CVK 40 carb....next is big tank and better foot pegs and more.....
  9. Brick Top

    Drz 440 s overflow

    Hi Sport Fans, Is it normal for overflow tank to fill up in first 10min of driving? The coolant gets pulled back into the radiators when bike has been standing for a while. It is 33 degrees Celsius here and I have thermostat in....this temp is not normal
  10. Brick Top

    ID/OD steering

    That would be great.
  11. Brick Top

    ID/OD steering

    Scooter fans, I am in the process of building a nav tower, what is the ID and OD of frame where the steering tube is, this is just under where the steering bearings are? I will have a bracket made where a half moon shape steel part will go inside the frame and a bracket that will go on the outside. The nav tower will bold on to this bracket.
  12. Brick Top

    CVK 40 carb

    Needle clip at 3. 142MJ. Fuel screw 1T (42 PJ is rich) 3x3 CW440 Raptor petcock After driving at a constant speed the bike will die when I slow down to stop or just take my hand of throttle. I had the RPM at 1600 now close to 2000 but same thing happen. When I start bike it will idle very happy. About 80% of the time it will stall and is tough to start back up. It takes more cranking to restart it then it does to start it up cold. It however does not have trouble starting hot. If you shut it off normally you can start it right back up within one revolution of the starter.
  13. Brick Top

    Oil on cylinder head

    Thank you for the for the input. The leak is between the metal tube and cylinder head. I will fix it with JB weld.
  14. Brick Top

    Oil on cylinder head

    Drz (440) fans, I have this oil leak only on the right hand side. I have sealed the valve cover again, because I thought that was the start of the leak but it is not, the seal is dry. Can this leak be from the oil return tank hose? Can the leak be from the MCCT? Or clutch cover gasket?
  15. Brick Top

    Lean Rich Perfect or in-between?

    Thanks for the reply, I have used a shim so it is now on position 3.5. Will ride tomorrow and see how it goes. I had no misfire or surging so far, will reply after test ride.