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  1. need4speed32

    spoke size

    Anybody know the spoke size (wrench size) I need for a 2003 TT-R125LE? I can't find the size-specs in the manual. Thanks, Matt
  2. need4speed32

    how to make a TTR225 street legal?

    There is a guy on the internet you may want to call/email- Ricky Stator. His business specializes is getting lighting systems on bikes and he seems to knows the wiring concepts well. He was a big help with my Acerbis DDH headlight wiring (of course your project would be more involved). Good luck! rickystator.com -Matt
  3. need4speed32

    dumb question

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but: A TT-R125 is smaller tires with no electric start. A TT-R125L is larger tires with no electric start. A TT-R125LE is larger tires with electric start.
  4. need4speed32

    best pipe for tt-r 125l

    I bought the BBR and am really satisfied. But mine is with BBR big bore kit/cam, high-flow air filter, + airbox mod and then re-jetted.
  5. need4speed32

    TTR125 Clutch Grabs FAST... Can it be adjusted ?

    I second that. My clutch lever does not engage the clutch until its is nearly fully-released. Thsi is a new bike. And this is with the free-play adjusted within Yamaha manual-specs (towards the short-end of free-play). I've gotten used to it and do o.k., but my girlfriend is still learning the clutch release/throttle-up exchange concept for 1st gear take-offs.
  6. need4speed32

    BBR 150 Big Bore w/ Cam Smokin' problem

    I haven't had any noticable smoking occuring yet. I've had my bike out for 4 fairly long riding sessions since I did the mods (did them before ever riding it stock), and it's working well. Very strong, for a small 4-stroke. It's starts right up, every time, since re-jetting. Will let you know, if things go from good to bad. I'm changing the oil and cleaning the air cleaner more often than I should, to get max longevity from the modified engine. I know in the install instructions they stress the 90- degree difference in placement between the seams of the different ring-components. (ie. Don't line-up all the seams in a row.) Not sure if that could be an issue, here. Best of luck, Matt
  7. need4speed32

    BBR Springs in TTR 125L

    Straightline Motorsports (http://www.slm-racing.com/) has good prices on BBR parts (well below factory pricing). I bought a few items fromthem, after ordering many of them from the BBR-direct. My transactions were performed by Andrew.
  8. need4speed32

    TT-R125LE Shifters

    I ordered the "Engines Only" direct shifter and will check it out. I appreciate the forewarning about posssible shaft bending, during crashes, though. I think I'm going to riding trails pretty conservatively, at first, so I'd rather have a smoother shifting bike (for now).
  9. need4speed32

    BBR 150 Kit with cam.

    I recently installed the BBR high-flow filter, BBR 150cc big bore kit with cam, BBR-Keihin 26mm carb/throttle, and BBR exhaust. I can't speak to the kit's reliability yet, as it has only been ridden a few times so far (just got the bike done). But no problems have been encountered yet. I plan to change the oil early-and-often, due to the additional engine stress. The bike sounds pretty gutsy with the new pipe, and revs quickly. I did have the bike profesionally re-jetted (erring on the side of a rich setting), after all my mechanical mods were done, just to make sure I don't fry cylinder/piston. The bike is a blast to ride (also has their suspension and a Acerbis DDH headlight).
  10. need4speed32

    TTR 125L oil

    After researching 4-stroke motorcycle oils, I've decided to go with AMSoil 10-40 and 20-50 synthetics. It's designed to be motorcycle wet-clutch-compatible, and has a reasonable cost per-quart. (about $6).
  11. need4speed32

    TTR 125L oil

    On Yamaha's website, one quart of "land-use non-race 4-stroke Yamalube" appears to list at $47.50
  12. need4speed32

    big bore kit (150 160 170)

    I bought a BBR 150 kit with cam, so I can only speak for that one. I installed it myself, with some help from the great people on this forum. Their big bore kit does not require race gas, as some of the bigger bore (160/170)Powroll kits do (powroll.com). Not aware of any from Canada.
  13. need4speed32

    TT-R125LE Shifters

    Anyone know the rationale for the TT-R125LE having a linkage shifter? I grew up on a XR80 with a direct shifter. What does the linkage accomplish (or not accomplish)? Thanks, Matt
  14. need4speed32

    TT-R125L + BBR engine oils

    I've been reading alot online lately about engine oils for 4-stroke motorcycles. Do the non-motocross 4-strokes demand as high a grade of oil as the motoX'ers? My TT-R125LE has airbox mods, high-flow air cleaner, big bore carb/throttle, big-bore engine kit, high-flow exhaust pipe, and HD clutch springs; all by BBR. What oils are those of you using who have BBR 150CC big bore kits installed? Do any of you run high-grade automotive oils, or others?? If so, do you have problems with clutch slippage, etc? I just saw that Yamaha's price for a bottle of Yamalube 4 is about $45.00/quart. That could get pricey, quick. Any suggestions for a HIGH QUALITY oil that will not be "an arm and leg", to change routinely? Thanks, Matt
  15. need4speed32

    clutch springs

    Has anyone pulled their clutch from the TT-R125LE, to replace with stiffer clutch springs? Any special tools required? Just curious if it would be difficult for a novice. Thanks, in advance.