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  1. truck6driver

    what'd santa get you today?

    A lump of coal. Knew I should have played nice. Ray
  2. truck6driver

    Where is Yanni?

    WP, Where have you been hiding? Ray
  3. truck6driver

    XT350 timing chain

    I pulled the valve cover off the XT yesterday and saw that the ciming chain has a link with some spot welds on it. Is this a replacement chain that was split and tacked back together? Ray
  4. truck6driver

    Valve Adjusting tool

    What is the Valve adjusting tool for the XT350 that people have told me I need to adjust the valves on my XT350? I keep getting told I need it but no one knows where to find one or what it looks like. Ray
  5. truck6driver

    1986 yamaha xt 350 front brake problems

    OK there is another possibility. The inner liner of the front brake line could have collasped allowing fluid to go out but return really slow. When it locks up again crack open the caliper bleeder and see if it will release. If it eleases then do it again at the master cylinder banjo bolt. If nothing happens there then it is the brake line if it releases at the banjo bolt then the master cylinder is the problem. Ray
  6. truck6driver

    YZ fork conversion

    I have heard of people doing a YZ125 fork conversion onto the XT350. Does anyone know what year YZ forks and tree will fit the steering hear on the XT? Ray
  7. truck6driver

    91' XT350 worth getting?

    Thanks for the input. Will be tring to check it out (again) Sunday. I will see in person if it worth it. Ray
  8. truck6driver

    91' XT350 worth getting?

    WOW! 3 days and nothing. Damn must really be a bad bike.
  9. truck6driver

    91' XT350 worth getting?

    I will be looking at a 91' XT350 this week. I have been looking and found that the suspension is not great and the carbs have tuning issues to a fault. This one has the sub frame tweeked, a weakness in the XT I hear, owner states the valves are ticking, (heard they are a bitch to adjust) an oil leak from one of the side covers when it sits over night normal wear and tear What is your opinin on this model of bike. Will it be a P.I.T.A to operate and keep up? I know about Honda's and Suzuki's but nothing about the Yamaha's Inputs are welcome good and bad. Please don't hold back as I don't want to get stuck with something that will fall apart down the road. Ray
  10. truck6driver


    I'm not sure who does the plating for the local Honda shop. I do know that to have the cylinder bored and shipped to the platers Naskil plated cylinder walls and shipping back cost $200. As for the pistons Wiseco makes two types of pistons. One is a lightweight one for racing and the other is a standard weight. Both are fordged pistons. I would go for the standard weight since all I do it trail ride and not racing. Not sure your application for your bike. Ray
  11. truck6driver

    2- stroke ??s

    Well the fuel is fresh. The PO was riding it up until he traded me. The engine has issues. This is not a fuel issue. as I stated in the previous post it is pushing coolant out the overflow hose and oil from the head bolts. Another rider here said something about a stuck or broken exhaust valve. Until I looked at a parts break down I was calling bull S&%T. I see now it has 2 of them that look like reeds. ***?!?! Anyway he said they will make it not pull off the line. I really need someone to teach me about this thing. Over the years I have been giving advise to people with the XR650L and now I'm the complete noob with this bike. I will really start working on it after Christmas. I'm just doing little stuff right now between jobs. Ray
  12. truck6driver

    2- stroke ??s

    Well here it is. First thing is to take the spray paint off the plastics. Easy with the paint stripper I have in the garage. Bike will be all white when it is done. Well it idles well and top end seems good but it boggs bad on take off, like you are starting in 4th gear. Any ideas guys. I'm clueless on this engine. Last 2 stroke I worked on was an air cooled Suzuki DS100 Ray
  13. truck6driver

    2- stroke ??s

    Well the bike is on my trailer. It is a 1999 CR125. It cranks first kick and seems to run OK but I have not been able to ride it since I'm at work. What I did notice while riding up onto the trailer is this: Oil leaking from the head bolts Coolant coming from the over flow hose about every 30 sec to a minute for a short 1 second spurt No front brakes. He stated that is has a larger bore than stock but cannot remember what the guy he got it from said it was. It has a Pro Circuit expansion chamber and mini silencer. Reeds are marked "V-Vorce" power reeds Apears to have a larger front rotor with a Gold colored caliper relocator bracket. I will post up a pic when I get home tommorrow. Ray
  14. truck6driver

    2- stroke ??s

    I will find out what it is on Sat. As for the title...North Carolina does not issue titles for "Off Road Only" bikes. I would have to register it in another state to get a title. What he wants me to trade I will be getting the better end of the deal. Since he asked for the trade I don't feel so bad about it. I just need a bike to chase my son around. I had to sell my XR and we have not been able to ride because of that. Worst case I could sell it. Ray
  15. truck6driver

    2- stroke ??s

    Hey guys, I have a friend that wants to trade me his CR for some stuff I have. The bike blew a head gasket and he replaced it but he said it doesn't run like it should now and overheats. I cannot remember if it is a 125 or 250 but know it is a late 90 early 2000ish model. What should I be looking for on these bikes potentional problems? I have not owned a 2 stroke since the early 80'ies and it was air cooled so a water pumper is new to me. I would hate to get it and end up with $1000 in repairs. Any advise you can give will help. Ray