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  1. Just get a 17 or later KTM/Husqv 250 or 300. Counterbalanced, no buzz
  2. pat22043

    Lightweight adult bike

    Do you want a real world motorcycle? I don't know of any enduro or trail bike that is actually under 200 lbs. My KTM 300 is one of the lightest, its claimed from the factory marketing folks at about 223, but once you add things like a bash plate and other protective gear, and fuel and oil and antifreeze, its quite a bit above that. My trials bike is close to 150lbs, altho they claim its about 140 or so.
  3. pat22043

    Should I change tire?

    Where are you? YMMV is a standard phrase from the US government's EPA. It comes from the Federally mandated mileage estimate, you know the one that claims your 6000 pound Suburban will get 15 city/ 20 highway. Your mileage may vary is fed-speak for "no one will ever get this kind of mileage unless rolling down a long mountain grade with a tailwind."
  4. pat22043

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    I think we dodged a bullet. Current forecast for Pottsville/St Clair is only snow mixed with rain, 3" to 4" possible, which is way down from the forecast from a couple of days ago. High Monday predicted to be a high of a balmy 14° F
  5. pat22043

    Should I change tire?

    Your Mileage may vary. Same as IMHO, in my humble opinion. Or "its on the internet, take it for what its worth"
  6. pat22043

    Should I change tire?

    tires are consumables. Change them when they wear out or you get sick of looking at them. The knobbies I run have about 15mm knob height when new. I find I can't trust them when worn to 9mm or so. YMMV, its your neck.
  7. pat22043

    What the AMA is doing to MX

    Just find another club to race. AMA is just a very small non-profit that has never done anything useful for me in the 20 or so years I have been forced to become a member to race AMA events. There are lots of clubs.
  8. pat22043

    Tracking Device for Off Road

    If there is cell coverage, apps like glympse allow free, instant mapping on other smartphones or your grammy's desktop browser. iPhone and Android, but you have to have cell coverage. Most of the places I ride are in the mountains and have no cell coverage at all
  9. You can believe that if you like. My TZ750 was as fast to 170 or so as the NSR500s, but nowhere near as good around the corners, and the NSR500s could break 200. But I do not believe the 200 HP numbers.
  10. er no. In the classic year of the Yamaha TZ250 twins, 40 HP was typical, 50 was exceptional. In the last few years of two-stroke road racers, they might have gotten up to 80. The classic 1970s TZ750 rarely made more than 125 real HP. The late 90s vintage 500s were faster, and could go over 200 MPH, but 200 HP? I don't buy that one.
  11. The reason brands and dealers hold demo days is to show you how much you are missing. There has been a lot of serious improvements in bikes over the past 12 years. Time to upgrade.
  12. you can't compare different dynos. You should not compare the same dyno on different days. Charts like this are only good for starting threads like "which oil is best"
  13. pat22043

    DIY strapless tie down

    I use caribeaner's to hold my bike to my carrier hitch rack. But I use turnbuckles where you have chain. Still from the hardware store, but I can adjust them to suit with just a quick twist.
  14. The motor longevity was not much of an issue on those great bikes, they had rubber frames and steel tires. They would never be asked to turn or slow down or run WFO for a minute or two. (gawd, even 12 seconds was enough to make those things go insanely fast)
  15. Drag races are so short that they don't need cooling. Plenty of Chevy V8s are filled with concrete.