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  1. Bearings and shaft is pretty self explanatory but the seal is #21 on the crankcase fiche.
  2. Why would you need to split the cases if you use a blind bearing puller(s)? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/989/20342/Tusk-Bearing-Remover
  3. As mentioned, get one specific to your bike. It will have a protective cap that goes on the crank then the puller. DO NOT USE A 2-STROKE PULLER or you'll ruin your crank. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/989/17329/Tusk-Flywheel-Puller
  4. With the left cover off (drain oil first), I'd pull up on the flywheel and check for play. There shouldn't be any. You can pull up on the balancer while you're in there.
  5. Pull the cam chain tensioner and make sure if hasn't failed. They're problematic, especially on the '02. If it's okay, pull the left cover and check the crankshaft for play, it may be the left crank bearing. Make sure you measure and pour oil amounts as suggested in FAQ's sticked near top of this forum. The '02 gave a false full on the transmission side so don't use the check bolt, no chance to strip the check bolt or right side cover so not a bad idea anyway.
  6. HRC27

    2003 CRF450R Complete Rebuild

    Between the boot lips and under the steel filter base. You'll see Honda's half ass job. Clean that off and reapply, just do a better job. It's weathstrip adhesive not weatherstrip. Wear gloves, it's sticky/nasty stuff.
  7. HRC27

    2003 CRF450R Complete Rebuild

    You don't need a fix with the '03 airbox, it was the '02 that was junk. Re-seal it and run it. Twin Air makes a good filter but I'm sure others are fine. PS: Clean off the old glue and use 3M Weatherstrip Adhesive (comes in yellow or black). Find it at Autozone.
  8. HRC27

    Where to find an '06 FCR drain screw

    I'll give you my '03 bowl once I get this one sorted...lol An o-ring (#48) every once In a while Is no big deal for the convenience (sp?). Partzilla Is sending me a new one. We'll see.
  9. Ok, so I got tired of running my bike with the gas off at the end of the day and pulling the drain plug, so I ordered an '06 float bowl (#7 on fiche) so I'd have the drain screw. It looked like it came with the drain screw/o-ring, it didn't. I've searched here and on Google and can't find one. On a thread here a guy mentioned a '01 or '02 Yamaha YZ426F screw but that doesn't come with an o-ring groove. Any Idea where I can find one or have a part number? Does anyone know if they failed to include it? It came in bubble wrap, not Honda's typical clear bag.
  10. HRC27

    02’ CRF450R transmission fluid amount

    Nah man, It's all good.
  11. HRC27

    02’ CRF450R transmission fluid amount

    Check the CRF450R FAQ thread stickied toward the top of this page. It's discussed along with a lot of other good information.
  12. HRC27

    09 crf450

    Googled it and found this: "Just found it, connector to throttle body was loose but not off." They mentioned a TPS problem can cause those blinks or a dirty TPS connector too. This is all I can offer, I know nothing about the FI'd CRFs.
  13. HRC27

    2012 CRF450 build

    That looks great man!