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  1. kjlectric

    Ran my 2006 drz400sm without oil

    My son has the same bike and year. He only ran low on oil. Jumping on the freeway didn't help. His bike still ran but was making those noises that shouldn't be coming out of a motor. Sloppy crank for sure. Disassembled and... Rod bearing was toast along with piston and cylinder. Metal shavings dispersed throughout the motor. He is just starting to put it back together. New crank, all new case bearings, big bore cylinder and piston, oil pump, etc. Around $1K in parts I believe.
  2. kjlectric

    G'bye 450X forum!

    I bought a low hour, box stock 06 CRFX to build for a Cabo run a few years ago. Stripped it down to the bones and built it into the most reliable smooth running desert bike I've ever owned. Krannie was kind enough to help with lots of great information and guidance to get it there. Thanks for everything.
  3. kjlectric

    Baja Trail Tools

    10 - 12 psi sounds about right. Maybe a bit more when new.
  4. kjlectric

    Baja Trail Tools

    Over 200 lbs geared up on a 450X. No failures so far but I don't do much prolonged high speed riding. I do worry during long pavement runs but I just cruz the speed limit. I'll let you know when I change the rear (first one I used on the rear) the tire is way past due. I've been putting it off because the 18" bib is a bit more work than the front.
  5. kjlectric

    Baja Trail Tools

    I've been running bib mousses front and rear for years now. It cuts down on the tools too.
  6. kjlectric

    Baja Trail Tools

    This is somebody's list I downloaded years ago from somewhere. I don't take ALL of this but its nice to go over before a trip. ULTIMATE BAJA LIST Bike Prep Brand new tires- run at 18 lbs Rear-Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT and Dunlop D739 A/T have worked well in the pastFront – Your preference HD tubes with slime or Ride-on sealant Oversize gas tank Check spokes Pre filter skins Fresh fuel filter New high quality O-ring chain and Ironman SS sprockets -don’t cheap out-VERY important Replace fork oil-add 10% to compensate for extra weight of gear Check sag with extra weight of gear and gas Grease and service bearing or zerk fittings Clean air filter-some people like prefilters Headlight in top working orderAdd headlight protector grill Radiator grill protector Check and or replace radiator fluid Change oil and filter Replace or add an in line fuel filter Replace rim strips with duct tape (4 layers) Hand guards Check ALL nuts and bolts for tightness – use Locktite Blue on bolts Riding Gear & Clothing: No Cotton! Layers (polartec, fleece etc for warmth) Helmet Goggles with 1 tinted & 1 clear lens Backpack with hydration bladder Enduro jacketRain jacket (to block wind and/or rain) Normal weight jersey Light jersey Knee pads Elbow pads Kidney belt Riding pants Riding boots2 pair riding socksLight pair of normal socks to wear at night or when not riding 2- Bike shorts undergear MX riding gloves Warm riding gloves or waterproof shell and/or liners Casual shorts Slaps 2 -Neckerchiefs – 1 for neck & 1 for head 1-cap – Mountain Motorsports model works well Hydration pack with 100oz+ of water Personal items everybody should take Cell phone (if you have coverage) Two way radios, headsets & extra batteries Emergency Contact Numbers For Each Rider Money in small denominations (1s, 5s, 10s, 20s) Insurance - www.mexadventure.com www.bajabound.com etc. Tourist card/Passport/Drivers license/Birth Cert. - proof of citizenship Motorcycle registration Small shampoo Body soap-liquid is better than a small soap bar Toothbrush Toothpaste Deodorant Chap stick with sunscreen Small bottle Gold Bond powder or ointment Mosquito Repellant Small package wet wipes or EZ Towel tablets (for clean up, and TP) Toilet paper and/or tissue Small towel-they make a backpacking towel it is very light –works like a chamois 3- Extra zip lock bags 2- Waterproof bag for clothes Food for 1.5 Days-Powerbars, breakfast bars, dried fruit, camp mix, beef jerky – trail food. Small LED flashlight and extra batteries Visor LED light Earplugs – soft foam rubber Anti-Static Cloth for Goggles Extra Batteries for Everything! Watch (or other way to tell time) Grease Rag(s) Waterproof matches and/or lighter Extra fuses – GPS, headlight, etc. Pen or pencil Nail clippers/nail file Small sewing kit Reading glasses Binoculars Poker cards (no monopoly money!) Compass Camera Helmet light Personal Tools and parts: 6,8,10,12 & 14 MM sockets 8,10,12, 14MM wrench Spark plug and wrench Philips & straight blade screw driver 5 & 6 MM allen wrench Crescent wrench Leatherman Pliers Small needle nose vise grips Front and rear axle wrench Tire irons (2) Compressed Air Tool and/or Tire Pump 4 to 6 compressed air canisters Tube Patches (with fresh glue) Valve core remover and extra valves WD40 and/or dish soap (for seating tires and washing hands) Tire air gauge Spoke wrench Nut and bolt selection – 8, 10, 12 mm nuts & bolts Hose clamp(s) Master links – small section of chain Tow strap Zip ties-selection Epoxy -5 minute 2 part repair putty – JB weld (quick dry) Electrical tape 20’ Duct tape Spark plug & wrench Rubber bands Safety Wire Electrical wire Pepper spray/weapon
  7. kjlectric

    Tecate - Mike's

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I sent you my email address via PM. I also have a few different tracks through the area from past rides but they are from 05-08. Way too old to count on.
  8. kjlectric

    Tecate - Mike's

    Wow. 184 views and no reply's. I guess it's still a taboo subject on the net? Just looking for a heads up if there are known areas to avoid....
  9. kjlectric

    Tecate - Mike's

    We have a group of 6-8 riders planning an easy 3-day Tecate-Mikes-SF-Tecate in mid April. We have done this ride 3-4 times in the past but haven't been through the area in 5-6 years (or more?). Last time through we hit some new gates after the saw mill. I assume there has been more put up since then. We used to park on a lot stateside in Tecate, take Compadre trail south, hang a left and head to the Saw Mill for gas near Laguna Hanson, end up at the goat trail into Vally T. If anyone could let me know what roads, gates, areas, ranchos, etc. to avoid it would be appreciated. We are mostly older guys (40's-60's) just cruising and enjoying Baja. If Teem from Baja Bound is still on here, We did a Cabo run with you 2/13 with Zorski if you can remember that long ago. Thanks.
  10. kjlectric

    Tips for carrying registration papers?

    I've had this registration holder for years. http://www.cycoactive.com/Store/3095/PN-MF-1/MotoFile-Motorcycle-documents-holder It comes with a 4"x 5" HD zip lock bag that slips into a ballistic nylon bag. The nylon bag has a Velcro strip inside to fold it in half and another Velcro strip on the outside. One side of the outside Velcro strip is stitched onto the bag and the other half is adhesive backed. I put the Velcro on the back side of my front # plate for easy access. The bag also has a little nylon loop in it that I put a zip tie through and attached to the plate just in case the velcro let go. Over 300 hours of desert & Baja riding and its never budged. Water proof too. You can stick pretty much anywhere you want. I carry a copy of my pink slip, registration, insurance card, birth certificate and a $20 bill or more.
  11. kjlectric

    06 CRF450x Bog

    Do exactly what Krannie said. He knows how to heal the X. I did the same stuff (along with a bunch of other ad ons) to my "new to me" 06 X and it rips. I just rode it 1400+ miles from Tecate to Cabo in February and had zero problems with the bike.
  12. kjlectric

    New to me 06X

    Krannie, Thanks for the reply. Thats exactly what I was looking for. uncork intake/exhaust - Will do ASAP jetting - JD I assume? Other options that work? accelerator pump upgrade - The AP mod or something else? springs for your weight ,ergos, tires,protection - all this will be done, eventually ...and even better: - revalve front and rear - I'll probably do this sooner that later - full pipe / bigger main jet - Love my MRD on the R, Most likley do MDR for the X unless I can get a bro deal from another Co. - R&D Powerbowl II or the new 2008 kehein bowl - Thats a new one on me, I'll have to do some research - '02 R cam - I will do this after the valves go south. As far as price, he's asking $3800. It's box stock, low miles with an oversized tank. I think that is a little high. Maybe $3500 at the most if everything checks out OK (so far everything looks good), minus the battery cost = $3300?
  13. kjlectric

    New to me 06X

    I also put a JD kit in my R and the AP mod and it worked great. I guess I'll pop for the hi performance battery and see how it is jetted (stock I presume). Thanks for the link Krannie but I have been reading through the FAQ before I posted. I just want some input from somebody that can talk back. I've been on TT a log time, mostly in the R and Baja forums, lurking mostly. I just printed a manual and pulled the valve cover to check the clearance. Both exhaust at .011, right intake .007 and left at .005. The decomp is .025 so the valves are within spec's. I guess I'll go through the carb next. Anybody care to guestimate what it's worth assuming everything is OK? $3000, $3500, $3800?
  14. kjlectric

    New to me 06X

    My 04 CRF450R is getting tired and I crave the happy button so I've been looking around for an X in good shape. One of my friends has a low mileage 06 X that’s been sitting in the garage for way too long so I asked him to sell it to me. The bike is box stock except for some Cycra Stelth hand guards, a Clark oversized tank and two new back tires. It still has the stock tires on it, the side cases are barley worn, typical scratched plastics from falling over etc. He said he's changed the oil twice. The oil sumps are full and the oil isn’t to dirty so I'm confident it has very low hours. I don’t think the valves have ever been checked. First question, How much is it worth? Is the 06 model OK or should I be looking for the next model change (08?) The battery is low and doesn’t seem to hold a charge so that’s the first purchase. Suggestions? I cleaned it up and started it. Its hard starting, won't hold an idle to well and eventually dies like its running out of gas. I opened the screw on the carb bowl to make sure the float wasn’t stuck. (fuel flows freely out) I'll be checking the carb to see if its gummed up from sitting so long. Should I be changing any jetting while its out? JD? I know I should open up the air box and silencer but I want to ride it box stock first to see how it compares to my modified R. From what I've read around here this is one of the first things to do. Is it? I'll be cleaning the carb and checking the valves this week. I am very familiar with the R, not so much with the X. For now, I just want to ride it as is so whats the minimum I should do at first. I'll still have my plated R but no telling how much longer it will last before a rebuild. Ultimately, I will set it up as a bulletproof dual sport/desert/baja bike (like my R) I just gotta take baby steps cause I really shouldn’t be buying another bike right now let alone all the after market goodies that I would like to bolt on (like my R) Any input is appreciated.
  15. kjlectric

    Pics of Your 450....

    Here's my 04