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  1. Hey guys, thought I'd share a few from my latest ride
  2. Yeah for sure man, it had rained the night before so the trail was super slippery lots of fun! Been thinking about getting a scotts dampener for while now, everyone always says how good they are!
  3. Hey Guys been a while since a post from me here. Heres one from todays ride:
  4. Im running a sw motech rack very happy with it.
  5. Ive got a sw motec rack love it!
  6. Thanks guys, yeah the gopro is on a selfie stick that's mounted to the back of the crate. Great for photos but a bit too bouncy for smooth video
  7. I have the sw motech and love it!
  8. Ive found the same at my local bike store (not just tyres, but everything) , they are often priced the same as the best internet price and they often discount it too if you ask them for there best price.
  9. Bout $20 per wheel here. But I do them my self with just 3 levers. Its pretty easy
  10. Nah mate my heart aint set on nothing! Might give the 80 a go then
  11. Ok cool. Ill try and get a 90 90 then.