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  1. DesertWill

    Detuning a 300 EXC?

    On that year, I believe the power valve is adjustable with the set screw on the right side of the case. As well as spring changes.
  2. DesertWill

    RMZ-250 Gas Mileage

    Anyone know if an RMZ-250 (2004) with a stock tank (abt 2 gallons) will go 45 miles (Enduro Loop)? Also, will the muffler pass the 98db test? It has a spark arrestor end cap. It's my wife's bike that's been sitting in the garage for years. Thought I might get it out.
  3. DesertWill

    250 SX - Maintenance, things to check, costs

    I'm not sure which year your speaking of... Manuals are available at the KTM website. Might be a good place to start. When I'm buying a used bike some things I look at (indications of use): -How much sprocket wear and are the sprockets are stock? -If the rims are Excel, is the paint still on the rim? -On the side panels, is there a lot of wear from boots rubbing? -On the head bolts, have they had a wrench on them? -How does the bike sound when running? Any leaks? Clean throttle response? -Do the answers I'm getting about the bike add up to what I'm seeing? (List is not complete just some things I can think of right now) General stuff like that. I've never bought a used 4-stroke and would be leary of doing so. Others may chime in about that. Too much potential repair cost... Like my 4-strokes (love my Husky) but I'm heading back to 2-strokes (eventually).
  4. I just bought my son a 2001 250 SX (Green sticker wanted as we're in California). The bike has a serious power hit at about 1/3 throttle. Seems a bit (read a lot) too much for trail riding. Suggestions please! Also, will an EXC flywheel fit on this bike? Or can you recommend a heavier flywheel - would prefer an entire flywheel over a weight if possible. It has a FMF Gold pipe on it. Thanks, Will
  5. DesertWill

    Selling my sweet 2006 ATK 450XC

    Too bad you chopper it up. The location icon through me off... Would have been a great trail bike here in the Mojave.
  6. DesertWill

    2006 T250 jetting

    The fellow that owned my TE250 before me worked on the jetting of my bike. These are the notes he made in the back of the manual. Stock Jetting 175 main 50 pilot 1.25 fuel screw 35 Leak Jet Needle OBDVT Clip 3rd from top AC pump 2 out He experimented with these changes and was close for 3,000 ft elevation. If my memory is right. Seems there was a flat spot (slight bog)... 165, 170 main 45 pilot Needle OCDVR Clip 5th from top I put in a JD kit (better shape needle was my purpose). Problem solved. You probably know this. The red knob is the hot choke. The small black knob is the cold choke. Just in case...black knob is pulled out. It's been 4-years, I'm sorry I can't remember anything more.
  7. DesertWill

    How much maintainence is needed?

    2006 TE250. 1700 miles and going strong. I'm starting to think about doing the top end. What do you guys think; is it time or can i go a bit more?
  8. DesertWill

    Is the 2007 TE450 a steel frame?

    I like steel because it isn't a soft metal - doesn't nick or gouge as easily.
  9. DesertWill

    Lights went out on my computer?

    Yes, turn signals, neutral, headlight indicator, high beam indicator and the night light for the lcd. LCD works fine... Thanks!
  10. The lights, all of them, went out on my computer(speedometer). LCDs work fine... No other systems are affected. It happened when slow trail riding. I did wash the bike about a week earlier with a hose, but I don't think I got the speedometer wet. Also, I was in that area about 2-3 weeks before changing the blinkers out. I noticed on the schematics that all the lights share a common ground which I can't find. I've unplugged and replugged in the speedometer. Any other ideas? Thanks, Will 06 TE 250
  11. DesertWill

    My poor Husky, help me mourn

    Did this happen at HBMC last weekend? What a bummer... Hope your not hurt? Will
  12. DesertWill

    KX 100 miles per gallon

    Figure 40 miles per gallon. My son has a 2.6 gallon IMS tank on his and we often run 80-mile loops with lots of gas to spare. He runs the snot out of his too... Normally we seem to like 100+ mile runs - cross country. Therefore, we put a gas station into the route. There's 2-stroke oil available (Autozone) in small premeasured bottles for one gallon applications (about $0.99). After using the oil, we just keep refilling the bottles with our favorite brand of oil. Gatoraide bottles (as mentioned above) are the best for carrying gas as they are sturdy and come in varing sizes. The IMS tank fits well, if another option becomes necessary, and you can keep an eye on the kids fuel. There's a picture of my son's KX100 at the bottom of this page. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=476933&page=5
  13. DesertWill

    Boy, does the gas mixture make a difference

    I remember back in the early 70's we used to run 20 to1 oil/gas mixture. Lots of bikes had aluminum or steel sleeve cyclinders. With the advent of chrome liners, ratios went to 32-1 or 40-1. Beyond that, I don't trust that the new oils are that much better at lubricating the bearings. I run 40 to 1. Change spark plugs once a year and haven't lost a bottom end.
  14. DesertWill

    Ok to run forks with different valving

    I run different spring rates in my forks...
  15. DesertWill

    bought a 500!

    The upper pipe mount breaking is a normal deal. A good piece of flat stock will work -- don't try welding a washer on it as it'll just break again. The only screws I have a problem with vibrating loose are the screws that hold the ignition box on and the two screws at the front of the gas tank. After you get used to riding the bike, she'll feel like a gentle giant. Not so scary fast and it won't seem like it vibrates much. Great bike, just about bullet proof. Mines an 04 too.