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  1. Michigan

    Friends are going up to Baldwin area on wends 10/9 for some trail riding. Not sure which trail we are going on right now, but if more people want to join, let me know. -r-
  2. Michigan

    Just went to cedar creek last weekend. Never been there before , thought it was a good time. -r-
  3. I went to the mounds in a truck and a quad, it was a blast. There were alot of quads there, not to many bikes. lots of deep mud so might not be good for the bikes. Decent trails though.
  4. Michigan

    anyone planing a color tour around the whitehall/white cloud area?
  5. Michigan

    so i thought i started this on a different form! I was wondering why I couldnt find it again.. doh! anyway i got a dr650 thats plated and looking for some DS riding. I saw a couple of you guys were around hudsonville, bangor, g haven, grap, are you guys all mx or ds?? Lets get a trail ride together. Ill try to check this more often now that I remember where it is. -r-
  6. Michigan

    ! that sucks, tell them to get on here and meet people to ride with
  7. Michigan

    Whos your buddy in Grand Haven? -r-
  8. Michigan

    I just joined the site, was wondering who was all around the area, Im from the west side. Holland to be exact. Lets hear it. -r-