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  1. Higher octane does not = more horsepower. Octane = resistance to detonation (i.e. burn rate). Running higher octane fuel allows you to raise your compression ratio to get more HP without detonation, however, you will see no benifits and in fact may even get a decline in performance when running an unnecessarily high octane rating. In other words... the engine has to be tuned to take advantage.
  2. The lead content of James' fuel last year was less than if he had filled a gas can with leaded fuel, drained that fuel out, and then filled it up with unleaded fuel. There was absolutely no performance benifit. The AMA said he would be penalized his points for that round, but never actually docked his points. Hopefully, it's a similar scenario this time with RC. The 4-strokes really don't benifit that much from the use of leaded fuel - especially in such small concentrations. His team was definitely not trying to cheat in anyway. Yes, the AMA are morons. I was really enjoying this season, however, I will quickly lose interest if the AMA messes the season up with their grandstanding. They're only shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. Wendy's, huh... Where's the beef? Oh, never mind - it's right there!
  4. I'd be surprised if it actually put out that much. The old XR600R had 31 rwrhp stock and 36 rwhp with the baffel removed. With a good exhaust system and removing the airbox snorkel you could get 41 rwhp with the stock engine.
  5. Dovii

    Down in the dirt or asphalt???

    I would say it depends on the circumstances... If you are wearing a one piece racing leather suit and full gear then I would rather crash on the street at that speed. Assuming you stay on the asphault - you won't hit anything and will walk away uninjured. If you are only wearing shorts and flip flops on the other hand... well you'll get what's coming to you. In the dirt, wearing full mx gear, you will still get scraped and run a greater risk of hitting something (such as a rock). Of course the problem with any accident is that you are no longer in control of your destiny - so anything can happen in either instance.
  6. Dovii

    MotoWorld 1986

    They look like mx bikes - only slower.
  7. Thanks Chrissa, I really appreciate your torrents. I'm stationed in Korea and wouldn't be able to enjoy the racing if not for class acts such as yourself. Thanks again, Nate
  8. Dovii

    Anaheim I torrent here

    Thanks from Korea. You're the man.
  9. Dovii

    Sick crash, knocked out COLD

    Don't spread rumours. Both riders lived.
  10. Dovii

    The Best Video You Will Watch.

    You know how it kind of ruins a joke if you play it up too much? Well, the same goes for home videos. It was o.k.
  11. Dovii

    Drag Race Update- YZ450F vs FZ6

    Power to weight ratio is much better for the FZ6... FZ6 = horsepower/weight ratio - 94.1 rwhp/430lbs (running weight - no fuel) + 160lb rider (you) + 8.3lbs (1 gallon fuel) = 1 hp for every 6.36lbs. YZ-F = horsepower/weight ratio - 49 rwhp (i'm being generous)/233lbs (running weight - no fuel) + 160lb rider (you) + 8.3 (1 gallon fuel) = 1 hp for every 8.19lbs
  12. Dovii

    ama millville on tv today

    It's amazing - OLN is only 2 weeks behind on this one. I'm shocked!
  13. Of course the xr80 wins, but I was wondering which bike got second place.
  14. At least he's not sitting up in Alaska washing down his weed with the alcohol he bought with his oil dividend money.