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  1. So my FMF Q4 & Powerbomb system came in yesterday. installed it with everything sealed with high temp silicone. LOVE IT! for $460, great value IMO for a pipe on the cheap end of the spectrum. Many times quieter than my old pipe (P.O.S. old Dr.D), fits perfect and rock solid, and has a great note to it. Despite it being a quieter pipe, I havent noticed any power or throttle response loss; as stated before by someone, the torque did pick up a tad on the low end and knocked a smidge off the top, but nothing significant, especially considering that I personally use the lower end many times more than the top, if I even get up to that range (which on trails, the majority of my riding, I don't). Perfect for my needs and has a much more reasonable volume than my old pipe and many other aftermarket systems. less noise = more land to ride on after all. First time I could distinctly hear the engine itself over the exhaust note, not that that's a good or bad thing, just shows its quietness. Looks great too. And if I ever ride somewhere where noise isnt an issue, I can take out the spark arrestor insert if I feel the need. As stupid as this sounds, I had high hopes for it when I unboxed it, yelled into the front of the silencer, and hardly any noise came out the end Couldnt be happier with the pipe, as always, thanks for your guys' help. not to advertise anything but for those looking at this thread for the same reason I started it, here's a video of my unboxing, install, startup, and sound.
  2. YZmikeydubs1997

    FMF Racing Q4 Spark Arrestor Full System

    Great product, got it on ebay. FMF Q4 silencer and powerbomb header combo. great sound and pretty quiet compared to other systems... less noise = more land to ride on. Did not notice any loss of power at all, which is surprising being that it's a quiet pipe. maybe a little more low end torque and a smidge less top but nothing significant. Great product, perfect fit.
  3. I ordered a new FMF Q4 and PowerBomb combo on eBay for $459.99. Considering the Q4 lists for about 290 and the powerbomb for 200 that's a pretty decent deal. I figured being it spark arrested and so relatively quiet, but with a removable insert should I ever need that high rpm power for racing or something, I can have the best of both worlds. I'll post what I think when I hook it all up. Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Got some pictures to show you guys what I was dealing with when I said it didn't line up
  5. I found an FMF Q4 and powerbomb combo for $450. I think thats a great deal. It'll definitely be quieter than whats on there now and offer performance improvement with no more exhaust leaks... now being that it's a quieter pipe, are there any performance losses at all over, say, the RS4, Two Brothers, or Powercore 4? Don't tell me "no" because you want me to get the quiter pipe I already know I want quiet. And I'm basically decided on the Q4&MB. I just want the truth out of curiosity. the white bros is $75 cheaper so I want to make sure I get what I'm paying for.
  6. Yeah it's not the frame. Thanks for the info guys really helpful!
  7. Interesting... So does anyone have info on what's quietest between the yoshimura rs4, drd, two bros? And which comes spark arrested or has an insert available?
  8. I've narrowed it down to the Yoshimura pipe and the two brothers. The FMF q4 and mega bomb combo are just a tad over my budget, but I'm not going to rule them out just yet. Any idea which one is quieter between the Yoshi and the two brothers? I've done a lot of research and can't find the exact same comparisons of the two, only data for the two bros slip on and none for yoshi. Anyone know if the yoshi comes with a spark arrestor, or if the megabomb makes any noticeable gains over a normal header? I'm not just being lazy and asking these questions believe me haha I'm doing as much research as I can I just can't find all the stuff I'm looking for
  9. Thanks. Like I said, Im not looking for power gains in an aftermarket pipe, just looking to fix the junk pipe that's on it now, and whether anyone has experience with any cheap pipe I should go for or avoid. I vouch for the quiet pipe as much as anyone and have several times on here, and with the racket the junker pipe on there already makes, there's no pipe out there that wouldn't be quieter. I just can't decide between white bros, yoshi, fmf, gytr, and was wondering if there was one anyone personally liked for sure.
  10. That's just an eBay link to an exhaust search... I've already looked at systems on eBay but that doesn't help me. They claim whatever they want about their own systems. I'm wondering if anybody had any info about which cheaper pipes are better or worse than others. Between the yoshi rs4, fmf pc4 and megabomb or powerbomb, gytr, two brothers m7? I'm open to suggestions
  11. I've been poking around threads and online for some info on good full systems. I understand the whole spill about exhausts giving negligible gains, and just practice if you want to get faster, or invest in something wiser, and all that good stuff - I get it. The reason I'm looking for one isn't to get faster. It is because when I bought my bike used, the guy had an old Dr.D full system on it, which is clearly not made for the bike - the muffler mounting bolts don't line up at all, the lower one is like 4" off. So the pipe is incredibly loose, so much that i wired it to the frame to keep it still. The whole thing is an exhaust leak nightmare because of this - the header to muffler joint is loose and leaks, the muffler wiggles into the shock and has resulted in a few tiny holes in the exhaust, which leads to sloppy decel and popping and numerous little issues... plus it is dinged and sticks out too far and with the wiring, it just looks sloppy. Part of the reason I couldn't find my answer in a post is I would like something AROUND $550 and under - I don't want THE best pipe out there. I don't and to be persuaded to spend "just a few hundred more bucks and get way better". Please spare yourself the typing and don't bother if that's what you're going to say. I'm 17 and on minimum wage and my parents who raised me to pay for all my own stuff and still saving for a car, I can't afford that. I was looking a lot at the Two Brother's M7 - it sounds great from what I can tell and looks good. Any opinions? That's about the cheapest one so I like it What about GYTR? I managed to find a Yoshi RS-4 for about 500. How about an FMF powerbomb or megabomb with a powercore 4? Any other suggestions? I know one aftermarket pipe from another wont make a significant difference generally... But given my financial limits, this is a lot of money to spend for me and I need to know if there are any reasons to steer away from one and towards another. I will likely buy online, whether its here or ebay - i like to support my shops but itll probably be to a point I cant afford in this case On a final note, do exhausts typically come with a header-cylinder and/or header-muffler gasket or is this something I'll have to order as well? And do you think a new exhaust will lead to a little less popping and a little easier starting by eliminating my exhaust leaks? Thanks so much in advance guys I really appreciate it and I apologize if this is a repetitive thread, I hope it doesnt get taken down
  12. Took my cylinder head cover off of my 08 yz250f the other day to do a valve check. All were in spec, but at the bottom end of the tolerances for the most part. I took the cams off anyway as this is my first valve check on my first 4 stroke ever and wanted to get familiar with how it all works for the future. So I took them off, then put it all back together and fired her up. Was pretty hard to start and ran a little funny. So I shut it off and took it apart again, something was obviously wrong. For some reason, there was a whole lot of oil in the head, like puddles almost halfway up the camshafts. No Idea why this happened? Could is be caused by a misaligned head cover gasket? Also, when i took the plug out, the tip was black and it was wet and oily. It's never been like that until now. That would explain the hard starting... Also, my valve clearances jumped BIG TIME, I mean like on a couple of the intake valves, from .10 to .05 and now i have to re-shim... how did that happen? I just dont know how all these issues began, and dont want to make the same mistake again when I put it back together for fear of valve damage. I dont know if the oil caused it to run funny and mess up the valves, or its another problem that CAUSED the oil and valves. I know my exhaust cam is aligned (they are hotcams) but could be a tooth off on the intake because the marks are unclear. The following pics are all at TDC. Thanks
  13. YZmikeydubs1997

    Quiet down YZ250f

    Amen. Tired of people asking for the "loudest pipes". Anyway I've heard great things about the FMF Q4 but I'm sure its not the absolute quietest. The FMF Megabomb header claims to tone it down a couple dB too but FMF does tend to claim a lot of things with a tad of exaggeration Anyone who has a megabomb can maybe give you their results but personally I wouldnt know for sure
  14. YZmikeydubs1997

    Nuetech tubeless system opinions

    I also ride an '08 YZ250F and I have the tubliss system on. Love it, no complaints and no worrying about shredding inner tubes. The previous owner put them on after popping 3 inner tubes and hasn't had a problem sense. Just another part that adds to the reliability of the bike, plus you can often run at lower pressures which can be useful. Personally, I think it makes tire changes easier too. I've hit a few rocks at WOT on trails that I guarantee would've popped a regular inner tube and left me in real trouble. Really glad I have these on.
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    Dealership/Shop Probs

    couldnt have said it better myself.