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  1. Lehiguy

    2017 tx300 lectron vs jd jetting mikuni

    I've been in this riding/racing game for 35 years. The Lectron is genius. It runs better than any other carb I have ever used. The Mikuni is most definitely the worst option, the Keihins are much better and the Lectron better still. The symptoms of lean/rich are slightly different than other carbs, but easy enough to figure out.
  2. Lehiguy

    2018 Xplor Revalving

    The Xplor fork has some issues that, unless addressed, will leave it a poorly performing fork. There is no mid valve shim stack, just some weird orifice. It will blow through the stroke at lower speeds and at higher speeds, since it cannot "blow open" it will deflect. So you get the poor handling in the sand and deflection off rocks. No bueno. Send the forks to somebody to get them fixed.
  3. Lehiguy

    2018 TE 300 carburetor

    As has been said, the Mikuni is pretty good. But I too have tried both a 38mm and a 36mm Keihin and the 36 is my favorite of the three. Not surprisingly, I ended up with just about the same jetting as my old '07 300 and my '14 300. The N8RW needle is magic.
  4. Lehiguy

    aer or xplor shocks on 300. 200 lb rider

    I went TE. For the extra $100, I got the gnarly first gear ratio (which I don't use all that often, but when I do, man am I grateful to have it) a headlight, a tail light, a speedo/odo combo and a skid plate. I plated the bike, so the extra stuff made it that much easier. I spent the money on Stillwell revalving front and rear, worth every penny. It is more plush than stock and takes big hits better. No deflection ever, rarely bottoms. I love the simplicity of the open bath fork. Super easy to rebuild and service. This is the best off-road bike I have ever owned by a big margin and the list is pretty long.
  5. Lehiguy

    Do I need new springs?

    I have a 2018 Husky 300 TE. What the manual says and what the spring rates actually are are completely different. All WP shock springs have their rate printed on them. The manual says 4.2, the official "Settings" sheet says .45 and the spring says 4.8. I had the suspension done by Stillwell (WOW!) and they confirmed the rate. I'm 210 and I kept the stock rear, went from .43 to .45 on the front per their recommendation.
  6. Lehiguy

    Flaking metal in cylinder.

    Get a quality rod kit, like OEM or Pro-X and rebuild your existing crank. I have not been too impressed with aftermarket cranks.
  7. Lehiguy

    1989 CR 250 resto

    Who are these clowns that try to spray paint dirt bike plastics? Dumb.
  8. Lehiguy

    Flaking metal in cylinder.

    I think I can see a crack in your cylinder. Take a good look at the second pic, there is a line running up between the flaked off spots, which would explain why it's flaking there. Tough call. If it fails badly, it could take out the crank and the cases.
  9. Lehiguy

    Remove bearing that is seized to collar

    Buy the new spacer. It's not worth the brain damage to try to save the old one. As has been said, grease is your friend. Wherever there is grease, the water won't go and trash your parts. I have had very bad results with All Balls kits and the like. Chinese crap.
  10. Lehiguy

    The 300 tried to kill me today...

    Needle is too lean.
  11. Lehiguy

    Shop ripping me off?

    My thanks to all of you for reminding me why I ride a smoker.
  12. Lehiguy

    Cooling system help?

    Contrary to the nay-sayers, I have found the KTM jetting charts to be very good. Air for the leaner end of your spectrum and you should be pleased with the results. My experience has been better with the KTM needles than with the much ballyhooed Suzuki needles or the JD needles.
  13. Lehiguy

    Question's and a Hand

    This is normal.
  14. Lehiguy

    New TE300

    My Gearne boots tore up my side panels. I bought a set of Acerbis side panels in blue to hide and the scuffing.
  15. Lehiguy

    IMS 3.6gallon

    I have the same tank. A very nice upgrade.