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  1. nholden98

    12v cummins for first truck?

    Get a smaller truck, your wallet will thank you in the long run as said above and it's just an easier vehicle for daily driving. My personal vehicle is a 1999 4cyl, 5spd Mazda B2500 (same truck as a ranger). We got it 2 years ago with 66k miles on it, traded a bicycle for it. 24+mpg all day long anywhere. I live 20 miles from school and 30 miles from work, $20 gets me through the week and then some. Oh, and they are dirt cheap to work on, not to mention stupid easy as well. I just came in from doing a 2.5 inch suspension lift to clear the 32s I put on last week...kit cost me $80 and my mileage took a 1.5mpg impact because of the tires. Now, my dad on the other hand daily drives a ram 3500 dually. It's a 4 door, long bed, 4wd ocean liner of a vehicle. Last month he had my truck due to having to do some extra driving for work therefore I had his. Yes, it is fun to roll into school driving the biggest truck there, however, it gets old very quick. First off, 11mpg is no fun, it cost me 90% of my paycheck (limited hours because of school) just to keep fuel in it. Second, you will find that having to scout out places to park that your truck FITS IN is a pain as well. I have 1 inch of clearance on either side of the truck at school, and it sticks out of a parking spot nearly 5 feet in many places. Forget about parallel parking or u turns, not happening. My friend drives a 97 Cummins, every time I talk to them they seem to have something new going on with it, typically chassis issues. Lastly, have you attempted to roll a bike into a 1 ton or bigger 4wd truck? Try it sometime. You mentioned a 6,000lb boat, that's half ton territory nowadays. There's no reason you should need anything large unless you're towing that every day or decide to put that much weight in your bed. Do I drive the coolest truck at school? Nope. But I am able to cover the majority of expenses myself, and I still have money left over for things like this minor lift and tires, the audio system I just put in, and so on. Something my dad always reminds me... We are still kids, our time to have "cool toys" will come eventually
  2. nholden98


    Not sure about him, but I sure didn't!
  3. nholden98

    $1000 or less dirt bikes, lets see em

    Best $200 I've spent
  4. nholden98

    What's your favorite goggle brand ?

    If you can find a good sale or close out, I haven't been able to beat my Oakley airbrakes. I got them for about the same price as any other quality set of goggles. 100% racecrafts are a close second.
  5. nholden98

    Street legal husky two stroke

    That doesn't look like a 125 pipe...
  6. nholden98

    CHEAP dirtbike stand!

    I use a lift stand that I picked up from cycle gear for $25 if I remember right, super stable, works great in the garage. However, I have never had a lift stand that was stable on anything but a flat surface and when I'm doing any work to the bike I throw it on a standard Moto stand.
  7. Good looking truck, my buddy had a 96...I like being able to work on something that doesn't resemble a computer (modern cars).
  8. nholden98

    Selling a bike on Craigslist?

    The last bike I sold was my 05 yz125 last summer. Me and my dad met 2 guys in a bass pro parking lot, paid me $1900 in bills no larger than $20, it was quite the stack (and a pain to count).
  9. nholden98

    I need gear!

    When I raced harescrambles I used the Leatt hydro pack with a Leatt chest protector. The back portion of the guard was removable and and the hydro pack replaced it, becoming the straps for the chest protector, pretty cool how it all fit together.
  10. nholden98

    I need gear!

    Neck braces do not connect to the helmet in any way (unlike ones used in auto racing) so brace/helmet compatibility should not be an issue. The biggest issue I faced was finding a roost guard that fit well with a brace.
  11. nholden98

    I need gear!

    I just picked up a set of Troy lee designs GP gear on closeout for $95 (pants/jersey) shipped, killer stuff for the price. BTO sports has some of the best sales and closeouts in my experience.
  12. nholden98

    I need gear!

    Nowadays there it's rare to come across "bad" gear (pants and jerseys). Buy entry level stuff and then upgrade as you see fit and as funds allow in the future. However, I wouldn't apply that rule to neck braces as said above. The cheap ones suck, they're uncomfortable and bulky. I would stick with Atlas/Alpinestars/Leatt if you are fixed on having a neck brace. I wear one of the newer Alpinestars BNS braces with the magnetic closure, comfortable and seemingly effective in my experience... Congrats on the new bike by the way, you'll love it.
  13. nholden98

    Mountain Bikers, check in here

    Current ride is a 09 diamondback sortie with a few minor changes such as a nicer brake system and a bash guard in place of the 3rd ring up front (lots of logs around here). It's not the fanciest bike but it gets the job done. Used to have a carbon hardtail with SID air forks and a good amount of XTR components but it got stolen when our garage was broken into a couple years back.
  14. I regularly carry 4800 in cargo between my two bicycles in the back of my $3,000 pickup...priorities priorities
  15. nholden98

    Raptor 700 or yfz450

    I always felt more confident on a yfz than any raptor, they sit much lower and handling is in a totally different league compared to the raptor. I also like the motor characteristics of a 450 vs the 700 but that is just personal preference. I would go with the 450 and if you are riding any trails shoot for the X version if they still make it? It is a little narrower and I believe comes with taller tires, basically a better all-around setup. It also gives you more opportunities to race in the future if you ever decide to.