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  1. No idea who runs it sorry.
  2. Would you accept someone from Australia? Thanks Lars
  3. Haha yeah same way to many keyboard warriors on there.
  4. Yeah mate sure am, but don't bother with that site anymore.
  5. Hi Thumpertalkers, Just making a thread where I can share my videos as I make them. I will start the post with posting a few old ones until I get some more new ones. I'm no expert by any means just have fun making and sharing videos! Thanks lars
  6. I had a similar issue on the weekend, check your brake line isn't rubbing on you muffler/exhaust. I found mine was touching and must have been boiling or heating the fluid and pressurising. It had the exact same symptoms as yours. I held it down with a zip tie and that seemed work for the remainder of the ride no more brake dragging.
  7. Check your head o-rings, my mate just had the same problem with a new Beta at romaniacs, o-rings failed on him 2nd day. They must be a weak point.
  8. Over here in Australia, I sent mine to our local guy Suspension matters spent about $600aud on them the difference is night and day, had gold valves with his valving stack and also the conversion to make the like the conventional fork rebound top and compression bottom. They are probably the best fork I have ridden on. Not sure if you can talk to dave over here and ask him what he does to them or pay him for information on his setup so it can be replicated over there.
  9. Try changing the pilot jet they are super sensitive to them. I thought mine was clean was not until I bought a new one it started running right.
  10. Here is a how to wheelie video I made, I have never flipped a wheelie so it works for me. Hope it helps you.