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  1. vincer

    Just bought a new z400

    I put a full yosh system a intake hot cam and changed the main jet to a 165 and the pilot to a 28 wow! what a difference I also put a twist throttle on so my thumb wouldnt fall off but most of all dont forget to protect the back brake rotor and underneith side of the motor ground clearence is very low on these z-400s I bought a full skid plate and the swingarm plate it wasent cheap but fixing your new z after hitting a rock wont be either
  2. vincer

    Anyone for buffalo sun. 9/26

    See ya there.
  3. vincer

    Anyone for buffalo sun. 9/26

    Yes indeed I will be there at 9.00 are you planning to ride the track or trails? im going to ride the trails because I suck at track riding I will be in a red ford F150 let me know where your going to park and what your going to be driving im going to meet the little phillie for some fish and a few cold ones ill check back later tonight for your post
  4. vincer

    Brand new dealer left over 02

    I paid 5200 OTD for a 2004 400E at the time 4-4-02 that was a good deal after calling a couple of dealers in the area so you are looking at a 3 year old bike the dealer has to pay inventory tax on that bike so you should be able to pick it up for a lot less make a low ball offer and see the reaction you get you can always go higher
  5. vincer

    semi/or full synthetic 10w40 or20w50?

    Thanks again you guys and this site rocks
  6. vincer


    Can you get to sandtown out of the parkinglot of the bestwestern or do you have to trailer?
  7. vincer

    semi/or full synthetic 10w40 or20w50?

    Thanks guys for the input now I have to find it Redline Silkolean or Amsoil cant find it at the TT store or where I live
  8. vincer


    Going to newberry on OCT 1st and 2nd I will be riding a quad and my drz not at the same time anybody want to meet up for a ride im riding quads with my wife and riding my drz by myself if anyone would like to hookup and ride we would love to have some companay
  9. hey guys ive been reading alot of posts about oil lately and i agree that i should be running better oil we put alot of money in our toys and we/I should not be cutting corners when it comes to the life blood of the engine I have two questions #1 where do you guys get your oil from? Im looking for silkolean red line or equivelant #2 which weight do you run I only ride off road. thanks
  10. vincer

    Anyone for buffalo sun. 9/26

    Sounds good i will check it out on friday thanks.
  11. vincer

    Anyone for buffalo sun. 9/26

    I havent been there all year if you dont mind one more i would love to tag along lost my rideing buddy. 'wife and kids' he cant get out much anymore. if your still going let me know. same time as posted?
  12. vincer

    Remember 9/11/2001

    Doesnt make any sense does it. All of those bastards will get whats coming to them in the end and it wont be 70 virgins either
  13. vincer

    hot cams swap

    yea its probebly ok I only have one other bike to compare it to I just wanted to make sure i wasent hurting anything it has a full yoush system and cam its a ripper just a little anoying with the ticking thanks for all the help
  14. vincer

    hot cams swap

    the spring is intact just smeems weak as far as the timeing i bought a degree wheel kit from hot cam after checking with the formula i was within 1/2 degree centerline i think i got around 107.5 i think each tooth is roughly 7degrees so im surh in not one tooth off the cam came almost dead nuts indexed. thanks for working with me on this what next?
  15. vincer

    hot cams swap

    yes i did