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  1. RyanK

    Possibly moving to Tucson

    Thanks. That's where we were looking as well. Most of the areas we looked though required FEMA Insurance. Not sure I could stomach that bill. Sure love that area though!
  2. RyanK

    Possibly moving to Tucson

    Thanks for all the responses. Interview went great and waiting on an offer. Wife and I loved the area, and the dry heat . We took the rental 12 miles into Redington Rd and watched the sunrise. Some awesome trails out there! Sure hope I get the opportunity to check them out on a bike!
  3. RyanK

    Possibly moving to Tucson

    Thanks tmac. I'll check out those links.
  4. RyanK

    Possibly moving to Tucson

    Thanks. I was on that site the other night, and it looks like it just requires a $100 title bond, but I'm not sure if I still need to do the lost title search first. I've owned one of the bikes for 10 years, obviously not stolen...
  5. RyanK

    Possibly moving to Tucson

    Hello guys n gals. I haven't posted in a long time, but that doesn't mean I haven't been riding and watching the forums! I'm possibly moving to Tucson for work (near airport), and see lots of riding areas around which excites me! I'm hoping some of you experts can give me some good advice. Background: I'm in South Carolina and have 5 acres my kids and I ride on all the time. We have very few state trails to ride, so we mostly ride at home. I do not have titles for most of my dirt bikes (have 6 or 7) nor for my quad. Questions: 1. How bad is it really to get them titled and stickered? Should I just sell the few without titles and buy other used ones when I there? 2. Where should I love for easiest access to the most trails? I mostly love technical type riding. I have been looking at Oro are a little bit, and Vail area. I am finding very little with any kind of acreage at all, so it looks like riding at home isn't going to happen? Suggestions please? I've looked a little at a horse ranch, but do they generally have restrictions against bikes? 3. Does my '06 fz1 (street bike) have to get emission testing??? Thanks for any help!
  6. RyanK

    Single Track In South Carolina

    call ahead. our wet season and all state trails are still closed in March. NC is your best bet for good riding. you might even check out hatfield-mccoy in VA...
  7. I've taught a couple of kids how to ride Enoree trails in SC is quite a drive for ya, but a perfect place for kids to learn to ride trails with others. there's not much traffic, but some. the trails are easy to ride hardpack and smooth and well-maintained. It has been the first trail ride for all of my riders (first 4 boys). I just bought a house with some flat land, so I'll be working on my daughters this summer For the bikes they're riding and riding for 1 year in 5 acres of woods, I'm thinking they should be able to ride Wayehutta (aka Cullowhee). It is the first mountain trail I take my kids on. they are 2 way, but usually it is only slow 4-wheelers on the trails. there are rocks and hills, but nothing they can't do on those bikes. I started my 2 oldest on the XR50 there , before they closed the big hill The XR50 was difficult in a couple of places, but the TT-R90 (same as your XR70) never has a problem there. Great place to ride, although I haven't been there in a few years.
  8. RyanK

    Enoree...trail conditions

    I have a big stabilization boot on, and with it I can kinda walk, but it hurts worse and worse every day I mostly get around on crutches. By the time this is all healed, I shouldn't have a problem with arm pump! These crutches are one heck of a forearm workout!!!
  9. RyanK

    Enoree...trail conditions

    I was coming up a hill near the end of the last trail, maybe a 1/2 mile before you cross the road, and my bike shift left as it dropped into a bit of a rut. I don't know if My foot fell off the peg or i put it down to stabilize myself ( I don't usually do that 'cuz i know better), but anyways my foot went down and my toes caught on the side of the rutt, while my footpeg proceeded to keep me going forward and my foot rotated like the second hand on a clock man did it hurt!!! Surgery is sheduled for next Wed., yes the day before Thanksgiving, to screw my 2 legbones back together above my ankle (torn ligaments). So I'll be out of work for at least 2 weeks, and off all my bikes for at least 8-10 weeks Even over Christmas shutdown when I planned on working on my kids bikes and taking them for 1 last ride for the year HUGE bummer. Oh well, it happens. i was being as safe and responsible as i could (slow, boots, etc...)
  10. RyanK

    Enoree...trail conditions

    Yeah, riding for free was great!@ Unfortunately I didn't know about it, otherwise I'd have taken my kids too! Oh well. That mud hole caught me off-guard for sure. Got soaked right off the bat It didn't look wide enough to be as deep as it was... Rest of the trails were in great condition though. Well, 30 years of riding and I have my first injury I twisted my ankle and am on crutches. MRI yesterday, and today, and back to the dr. again tomorrow to see if further action is necessary... I am not sure who you were since there were so many people out there, but I was in the second parking spot in, laying on the trailer with my feet propped up. Trailer on a blue Jeep Wrangler w/ my Husky behind it...
  11. RyanK

    Enoree...trail conditions

    ALWAYS call first. Enoree is literally closed at least as much as it is open Might be headed there tomorrow... Stop by and say hi if you see us. I'll be on my Husky 300 smoker, and my friend will be on a Honda 450 quad
  12. been a while coming, i know, but hopefully next week's paycheck will yield enough dough to get this bike moving on its own again. Planning on replacing OEM cyl, new piston kit (not sure brand yet) and new crank assy, either OEM or HotRods...
  13. RyanK

    props to my '09 WR300

    cable pull is way easier than my old XR400 was. I'm not anti-auto, but i have not problems with the clutch on this bike at all!
  14. RyanK

    2011 wr300 seized up

    glad to hear they're covering it. HUGE bummer man! Just make sure they check out the water pump before giving it back too... I'd also make sure they look at reed block. Like many others, I had to put some sealant on mine since the idiots that made it put hte part number stamping right in the middle of where it seals. How dumb!?!
  15. Riding tomorrow at Cedar Springs. Come say hi if you're there. You won't be able to miss the HUGE white van with a few kids and a Husky WR300. Ryan