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  1. mrdsee

    Jetting Help

    Add more oil Too lean on the oil
  2. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    Remember that the cap assembly acts like a one way valve. It lets air into the tank to prevent a vacuum , and keeps fuel from coming out. Can you blow through the hose?
  3. mrdsee

    What caused this?

    Heck, I had a old YZ490 back in the day that was a bear to kick. Once the kick starter shaft snapped, and once the "solid steel" kick starter lever snapped! Every bike since has been gravy, although my old YZ426 was a pain in the ass! They should call them stroke starter rather than kick starter. Stroke it, don't kick it.
  4. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    Yeah, I hear ya. If it's jetting it may well end up in the 172-175 range due to the high humidity and temps in the 80-90 range. My first thought also was fuel starvation, due to a clogged tank vent, petcock, or something like that (if it had been running OK previously) and had also been already mentioned by yourself earlier. But when that 168 came up, like it was going to go "up to 168" I thought otherwise. More like WTF actually, but now that we know it's a 178 in there it's a new ball game. Hopefully it's not a major mechanical issue as that can get pretty darn expensive when that can of worms is opened. Plus it reminded me again why I went back to my old 2 stroke roots. At least it's a '07 model which I still think was the best of the carb'ed CRF450's.
  5. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    No I sure don't. Plus pop in a new stock spark plug.
  6. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    Humm 178, that's interesting. The new carb should eliminate any internal fuel flow issues. Check to see that your petcock is flowing well also as they can get restricted. You might want to check with the company/web site that made your pipe and see what jetting they recommend as a baseline. Also is the backfire screen on your air filter cage still there? Get a 180 and a 175, 172 also. Always good to have a range of jets.
  7. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    Personally, when I jet I start rich and work down. Given that it takes a whopping 10 min to switch mains on a CRF it's no big deal to me. But then again that's the way I approach it, and I also prefer to be rich in high load situations in the interest of motor longevity over squeezing out that extra 1-2% peak power. I'm still curious what size MJ he's currently running. Plus the pipe?, backfire screen in or out?
  8. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    Since your humidity is high(water displaces air) and temp is warm(stock jetting level) normally you can get by with slightly leaner jetting. But given that your riding in the sand with a paddle tire I'd start out with a 182(Better rich(safe) than lean(sorry)). BTW, what size main jet is in there currently?
  9. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    What is the general temp and humidity level where you ride in Hawaii? Also, if you can, you might be able to send that carb back.
  10. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    I went with a 1.4 over the stock 1.1 Raises the relief valve setting a bit, but not too much to put too much strain on the gaskets and cooling system. If my bike overheated a lot(mud races, high temp slow speed conditions etc) I'd install a overflow recovery system. If I did race in those conditions, which I never enjoyed anyway I'd likely have run a 1.6 and a overflow system. But I like my bikes to last, and since I'm paying the bills rather than a sponsor, I keep things away from the edge. Plus some folks overfill their radiators(Fill them to the top of the fins, not to the very top).
  11. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    168? They came stock with a 178 so your running 4 steps leaner at sea level, in the sand? What's in there now? Also, take off the float bowl cap and then turn on the petcock to see if your getting good fuel flow. Sometimes they get clogged with debris.
  12. mrdsee

    CRF450R Jetting problems (Hawaiian Islands)

    It's one of the things I'd check, and eliminate as a potential cause. If it's getting hot(common under high load situations), could it even be vapor lock? I know on my '07 CRF450 I ran some of that foil insulation under the tank. Float level set too low?
  13. mrdsee

    Which handlebar bend? Help

    RC High bars Even though he is short, his bars are quite high.
  14. mrdsee

    2016 Yamaha YZ125 ride impressions

    When riding the big 450's, they feel like a tank now. More power for the straights, but a lot more weight. The 125's front brake was so powerful, literally one finger road race bike brake sensitivity. That I had to replace the stock front pads with organics to add some progressiveness as it lifted the rear wheel way too easily.
  15. mrdsee

    2016 Yamaha YZ125 ride impressions

    Yeah, it sure is. I replaced 99% of all fasteners with titanium(obtained at cost back when Ti was still affordable). Both inside the engine, and out, with some low stress(fender mounts, etc) with even lighter aluminum fasteners(even the steel fender, etc, clamp nuts are now aluminum ny-locks). I made, and had made, some parts out of Ti/Alum. Use special light weight nylon hose clamps, YZ450 Ti rear spring, ballistic tank foam, further lightened stock parts, special light weight brake lines with aluminum banjos/banjo bolts, mag top clamp, lightweight EK chain(almost a pound lighter). The list goes on and on, and I really got creative with weight reduction(the take care of the ounces and the pounds take care of themselves mantra). Even ceramic main bearing's for the crank if it gets replaced. A stock YZ125 is already light, extremely flickable, and this takes it to an almost mountain bike like state. But now that I'm 60, racked back, old and moldy, it collects more dust than it deserves. So lately, dual sporting, at a more "smell the roses" pace, is the norm. I should likely think about selling it, but admitting age limitations to ones self, and letting go of the toys of youth, can be a tough pill to swallow.