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  1. Hi folks- I've recently installed a Works Connection holeshot device to my '99YZ250, but the fork guard really doesn't like it. To set the device, you basically have to flatten the guard, and push the hook inward. It releases fine, thankfully. I'm wondering if anyone knows of another brand of fork guard that will fit the '99, and work better with a start device?? I think the rounded design of some of the other brand bikes looks ideal, but all the '99 versions seem to have the angles that are causing the problem. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking for a riding buddy to split the 2 hour class. This will be my first HS, so looking to learn and have fun with it, no delusions of greatness! Any one up for it?
  3. . I'd love to get up, we shall see if the stars align!
  4. Vmaxjohn

    District 14 Hare Scrambles

    I haven't been there yet but asked a buddy. Evidently sign up starts at 7am, goes to 11am.
  5. Vmaxjohn

    Simplest way to clean the KDX power valve?

    ***this really isn't. It's almost as if the KIPS design is your baby, coming off as a little defensive here. I'm looking for insight on an issue, and frankly, I'm shocked that the design is as complicated as it is. But hey, you never know unless you ask a question.
  6. Vmaxjohn

    Simplest way to clean the KDX power valve?

    While I appreciate the technical advice, any snobbery can be shoved where the sun don't shine. I just got this bike, and I'm learning the ins and outs. Coming from a snowmobile background, exhaust valves are almost university cleaned by taking the valve off and doing so. And to be honest, I was hoping for more than one view point, counting on the wealth of information that thumpertalk has provided on other occasions. So while I'm hearing that it just CANT BE DONE with out tearing down the whole engine, I guess it's up to me to find a way.
  7. Is this area down wind of the county dump or something?
  8. Vmaxjohn

    Simplest way to clean the KDX power valve?

    Time and expense, mostly. The cylinder and piston look clean, so it just seemes extreme to have to crack open the cylinder to clean what's visibly dirty.
  9. Vmaxjohn

    New KX to the family

    A lean jetting means less fuel mixture to air ratio, which also means less oil getting to those pricy parts. Too lean means a melted piston, so most folks shoot for the safe side. You can get an overall feel for your jetting by reading the spark plug. Perfection so cardboard brown, but air temps change rapidly.
  10. Vmaxjohn

    Simplest way to clean the KDX power valve?

    The engine was rebuilt about 3 years ago, the piston looks great. It seems that taking the head and cylinder off are excessive measures for cleaning one power valve...can you unbolt the thing and put it back in without getting all the rods out of time?
  11. Just picked up a '97, looks good but the kips valve is gummed and needs cleaning. Can you pull the valve out without tearing down the engine?! Thanks
  12. I'm actually taking time off work in June and camping in that area. I've been watching YouTube videos to get an idea of what the trails are like up there.
  13. I'm planning on riding there with my kids! I'd like to know too
  14. Vmaxjohn

    Crash Analysis Help

    Only thing I could add beyond the above posts, is it sounded like the bike might have still been in 1st on take off...perhaps that inspired a nose high situation. I see the experienced racers compressing their suspensions on the take off of most jumps, by using different technics. Some just roll off the throttle to keep the bike lower, but you need to have all the speed you will need already built up by that point. The fancy riders will scrub the jumps, leaning the bike violently just on take off. It's all quite amazing to me! Good luck.
  15. Vmaxjohn

    Friday Trail Report from Gladwin

    I suggest you at least INVITE us, even if we have to work.... Lol