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  1. SloDave

    Left vs. Right Turns

    ...dyrtmon, I think I would count as an exception to that rule... Long story short, I was born a Leftie... After a major brain injury in infancy, I learned to do everything all over again... Right handed I still ride a bicycle, snowboard, skis etc right foot forward which is referred to as "goofy" or left handed... Now back to the topic at hand... I never noticed any difference turning left or right... i have been known to steer with the throttle, keeping both feet on the pegs as was mentioned above, I also sometimes throw my foot out abandoning the rear brake... occasionally I may tap the rear brake to initiate a slide before putting my foot down for stability and going WoT... it all depends on the situation... Keep in mind that I do a lot of woods riding, and forest service roads, deactivated logging roads and rail beds dating back to the 1920s in the mountainous south coast of BC, Canada... NO track riding to be had here..., just roots, rocks, mud, and the odd sand pit
  2. SloDave

    2stroke starting issues

    Brandon, Timing should not be an issue considering that when it starts, it runs well... ... the above article posted by JFA42 states that this model had CDI issues from the get go... that may be your starting issue, but this sounds more like a mixture issue... tinker with your air screw... first back it in to its seat, counting how many turns it takes to seat (eg. 1 3/4 turns out) write that number down!... thats your baseline... Now return it to where it was (eg. 1 3/4 turns out) and adjust 1/8 turn at a time until it starts Air screw adjust the mixture of idle circuit... turn in for less air (rich) turn out for more air (lean)
  3. SloDave

    2002 cr125 wont start

    OK, here is my $0.02... First, the sticky ring( possibly installed upside down? or pinched?) along with a worn cylinder(no crosshatching) is causing blow-by, making good compression impossible. second, damage to piston and head... does the chunk out of piston line up with spark plug hole? a plug that is too long can damage a piston from physical contact.. knocking a chunk loose would damage the head as well... you may find the pieces in your pipe.... or maybe in the bottom end Sounds to me like the P.O. rebuilt the engine, put the wrong(too long) plug in it, fired it up and heard sounds nobody ever wants to hear... pulled the damaged plug out, realised what happened , put a shorter one in , wouldn't start, so he sold it to you
  4. SloDave

    My new XL600r

    bork, I paid more than I wanted to for a non-runner, but less than asking price and way less I would ever sell her for
  5. SloDave

    My new XL600r

    OK... update and pics...She runs now, I believe decomp was stuck open(way too easy to kick over) and I MAY have been using stale gas... put in fresh 94 octane and she sputtered 3rd kick so I kept kicking, after about 15 times she came alive and idled for 30 scs and died this lasted for half an hour or so till she just wouldn't start any more, so I did what anyone would do... I went and got a plate and full coverage on this pig... an hour later bike sat with gas in carbs , started fourth kick and fan for 10 mins without a hiccup, so i went for a test ride... she needs a fine tune and some love... secondary carb sticks open a little but this thing rips
  6. SloDave

    My new XL600r

    So i bought a 85 xl600r with street papers on monday. Very clean bike, dirty, but clean... been stitting 10 years according to the POs plate... she wont run... great spark, new plug, did a quick clean on the carbs, tried not to mess with anything... just cleaned and re-assemled to same settings... Any Ideas? I downloaded a carb manual off here this morning to get factory settings , but thats a job for the weekend... Also, is there a possibility that the decop valve is stuck open or leaking preventing compression from building... preventing igition because fuel charge has left combustion chamber? Any and all positive input welcome
  7. SloDave

    Honda XL600R 1985

    WOW... Clean bike... dirty, but clean... The paint isstill glossy, Been sitting for 10 years according to plate...Oh ya, STREET PAPERS ... Good spark, overhauled carbs, wont start... ***UPDATE*** Bike runs great, needs a tuneup and a new rear tube(ripped valvestem out while riding yesterday... soft tire, lotsa torque)
  8. SloDave

    Honda XL600R (1985)


    WOW... Clean bike... dirty, but clean... The paint isstill glossy, Been sitting for 10 years according to plate...Oh ya, STREET PAPERS ... Good spark, overhauled carbs, wont start... ***UPDATE*** Bike runs great, needs a tuneup and a new rear tube(ripped valvestem out while riding yesterday... soft tire, lotsa torque)
  9. Hey y'all, I recently found a good source for Honda Factory service manuals and thought I should share... I wasted 2 months looking for FREE downloads which DO NOT EXIST, only to buy a hard-copy paper manual (85-94 CR80R) from HELM which I am very satisfied with. www.helminc.com ...Honda does not produce paper manuals anymore, they produce digital manuals, which HELM INC. is licensed to reproduce and sell... they also produce factory authorized manuals for automotive manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Honda/Acura, and Toyota... Just thought Y'all should know about them if you don't already... Cheers
  10. SloDave

    660 raptor running way too rich

    It sounds to me like you have an oil leak...The Raptor 660 is a 5 valve, overhead-cam 4 stroke... no oil in the fuel so the carburetor is not going to have anything to do with it... Do you have water in your oil? if yes, then its probably your head gasket, but it is more likely your piston rings or valve-guide seals... does it use alot of oil? My brother had a '04 raptor 660 a few years back that never burned or leaked any oil and it was abused regularly...
  11. SloDave

    Not sure where all this "spooge" is coming from.

    I agree with Polar-Bus on this one, you most likely have an exhaust leak... between the exhaust flange and the pipe there is 2 exhaust seals, replace them, $20 fix... then lean your jetting or get harder on the gas like Polar_Bus said... Yam P/N 5MV-14642-00-00 .
  12. SloDave

    '96 head on '93 CR80R?

    So... 70 veiws, and no replies in a week...wow... I assume I'm good to go... thanks for all the advice y'all ...
  13. SloDave

    Chinese Quad 4 Wheelers?

    I bought my nephew one off Ebay when he was 4 because he had broken 3 power-wheels quads by then and I thought a steel frame and gas engine was better for him... No name brand... single speed, centrifugal clutch Loncin 70cc engine (honda clone)... It was a good learners quad with a tethered kill switch and LOTS of top end power once it was rolling, but not much torque for slow speed manouvering or climbing hills... the frames are VERY CHEAP and easy to break, but if you don't abuse it, it should last long enough to teach your boys how to ride
  14. SloDave

    '96 head on '93 CR80R?

    Ok, heres one for all you CR gurus... I have a 93 CR80 that I paid $400 for... needs an overhaul... and I am wondering if a 96 head will fit a 93 jug... the only diference I can see is the coolant hose location... both years also run the same jug so I assume it should be ok, but looking for confirmation Heres a couple links to my source info 96 http://www.hondapartsnation.com/oemparts/a/hon/506b8f59f870023420a1ebd4/cylinder-head 93 http://www.hondapartsnation.com/oemparts/a/hon/506ba120f870023420a20575/cylinder-head Thanks for any replys
  15. SloDave

    How to increase cr125 bottom end at home ?

    aftermarket headers (expansion pipes) for your '01 CR125 are: fmf fatty, fmf sst, and pro circuit platinum... that all I could find