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  1. Kalwasinski98

    Rmz250 Fork seal issues after loud clank noise

    Also another piece of important info may be that today, after topping the oil off I ran a seal mate thru just for the hell of I and the fork hissed super loud and shot some oil out. Is that just something you should do with no air in the forks on these new air forks?
  2. Last weekend at the track, on a slow sight lap I heard a pretty loud bang noise and knew without a doubt it came from my fork. I pulled off and found oil spewed out all over the fork leg. Pulled the bike in and checked some things out. I lost about 10 lbs of pressure in the fork, didn't notice anything really obvious that may if caused it, but after refilling my fork with air the leak seemed to slow down to what would just look like a leaky fork seal. Took it back out to putt around and see what happened. It felt fine and continued to leak very slowly. Just now I filled it back up with oil mostly to see how much was left. I'd say about half was. Anyone have any ideas? I'd just go ahead and replace my seal but I can't get over that noise I heard. Thank you in advance! I'm scrambling to try and get this fixed as this weekend was the season opener [emoji849]
  3. Kalwasinski98

    Places to ride during weak days nj/pa/de area

    Oh ok. I haven't checked that out yet. I'm not a huge fan of pa trails being so close to s jersey with all the sand and single track I love. I was actually able to scope out a place today with a buddy off rt70 which is known to have some awesome riding. We're going to try and mark off a loop and that could be a good spot but I just really want to get back on the track. But I've come to the conclusion that no trackside open every day especially during the week. I understand why tho so I'll just have to try and move things around. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
  4. Kalwasinski98

    Places to ride during weak days nj/pa/de area

    I've heard of RAC and I've been to lost trails before. But what's the FRO place? Do they have tracks or anything similar to it? I try to avoid trail riding by myself. Thanks for the reply
  5. Kalwasinski98

    Places to ride during weak days nj/pa/de area

    Yea I've checked them out but etown or fod would be my Wednesday spot. I guess I'll just have to try and start getting off Wednesdays since tracks like to open on that day
  6. Hey im looking for anywhere to ride that is open on mostly mondays but really any days during the week since my job allows me only Mondays and one other day during the work week off and weekends are pretty much impossible. I used to ride every week at least once at field of dreams, englishtown places like that and I know they're open Wednesdays but I can't get every Wednesday off. If anyone knows a place that allows people to ride on Mondays or Tuesdays I'd appreciate some info. Always willing to help out if it's like a private place or something like that as well. I'm located in the Bensalem area right near philly and I'm willing to drive anywhere up to like 2.5 hrs. I'm desperate haha. I am familiar with the nj pits and I do ride them sometimes on my days off but I really want to get back on the track. Thanks for any help.
  7. Kalwasinski98

    Camshaft cap/bridge needed for 2012 kx250f

    Haha that's pretty crazy. Yea I think what happened was the centering dowel got caught up on mine and just kept going. It really didn't feel that tight at all. Thanks for the replies. I'll look into some of this.
  8. Kalwasinski98

    Camshaft cap/bridge needed for 2012 kx250f

    So title pretty much says it all. Accidentally broke mine in a maitenence goof only to find that they are impossible to find without buying the whole head. If anyone knows where I can get one I would love to know. Seems stupid something so little is ruining my season. Thanks. I've checked eBay and every oem website with no luck. Called shops who called shops with no luck. I really can't afford buying a whole new head right now.
  9. Kalwasinski98

    250f to 250 advice

    Yea and especially because you can race a 250 in the 250 class which can be an advantage if you can ride it right. But the bike is just starting to get to that point. It was someone else's ragged out race bike when I got it and I put some work into it and got it real nice and fresh but then i started riding 2-3 times a week over summer break and it just started to get too expensive. And I know I'll have to dump some $ into it if I wanna ride it next season. I don't skip out on maitenence, i just saying that if there is a way to do less and save $$, I'm all for it haha. And I think the answer might be a 2 stroke.
  10. Kalwasinski98

    250f to 250 advice

    I don't particularly enjoy it, no. Doesn't mean I'm not decent at it. However the reason I'm in this is to actually ride which I love more than anything and couldn't imagine giving up. It's a lot more than a hobby for me. I don't think jetting would be too big of a deal in the area I ride with the temperature and all but I would rather play with jets than adjust valves I think so that's kind of a plus for the 2 stroke I think because it's so simple. Thanks for the response. Definitely something I didn't think of.
  11. Kalwasinski98

    250f to 250 advice

    Hey so I currently ride/race a 2012 kx250f which I absolutely love. However over the course of this season it's just gotten really ragged out and I'm falling behind on maintenance because I just can't really afford much more than the basics like oil/air filter and stuff like that. Its currently out of commission because I snapped the camshaft cap accidentally like a dumbass while working on it and I can't buy one without the whole head, so I have a good couple weeks of not riding and probably working a lot of doubles haha. I love this bike but I think it's time to move on after I fix it. I know I should be doing a motor rebuild this winter if I do keep it which I can't see myself doing. So my thinking is this, I can sell it and buy a nice used yz250 or sx250 possibly and save myself some money and time with maitenence down the road. I'm not picky at all whatsoever with bikes so brand doesn't matter for me. I'm 17 and I weigh about 150 and have no issues handling the 250f and can pretty much comfortably send it over anything, local track wise. I ride at a good front of the pack c pace and can blend in the b practice so I think my skills are there and ready for a 250. Main reason is time and $$ because I hate working on bikes and like to minimize it. And I'm always in school or work and try to ride in my free time so I think a 2 stroke would just be a little more reasonable. I should probably state that if I thought I could get a couple more good years out of this bike I would love to. But I do not see that happening. I know there's good advice on here and I got time to think but I'm just wondering what you guys think. Thanks.
  12. Kalwasinski98

    Pain killer if you crash off-road

    Yea I think your best bet would be to wait til you get to the hospital.
  13. Kalwasinski98

    Anyone whos ridden nj field of dreams

    They made it safer now I think and yea just land the first 1 smooth and hard on the gas from there. I broke my foot on it last year really bad when I shorted it but it looks a lot safer now so even if you case it you should be good.
  14. Kalwasinski98

    Wrong size neck brace? (Pics inside)

    Yea I had the smallest ones in. I went and got a new atlas snd it fits way better so im happy with that. Ill probably replace the broken part and throw it up on ebay.
  15. Kalwasinski98

    Wrong size neck brace? (Pics inside)

    I ride mostly sand and terrain where roost doesn't really hurt. Correct me if im wrong but they don't offer a whole lotta protection other than from roost. I just got in a pretty bad crash and had my leatt on. I had a real sore neck for a long time, and I actually broke the brace. Id hate to know what woulda happened had I not been wearing it.