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  1. Arthur1265

    2010 crf450R stage 2 hot cam in a 2009?

    fitment issues on a 2010 hot cam in a 09? Do you know where you saw this?
  2. Arthur1265

    2010 crf450R stage 2 hot cam in a 2009?

    Valves are in spec, the difference between the 2009 and 2010 cam is the a 180 degree difference in the decompression pin placement, there are a lot of threads about people with hard starting 09's dropping in a 10 cam and now they start 1-2 kicks, not even needing to be at TDC. Not all 09s are affected, only some.
  3. So i have a 2009 crf450r that runs great for the most part, i have the eddie remap and technique down to start it, however the bike seems to be really difficult to start when it is cold, but once it has warmed up, it is 1-2 kicks every time. Everything that I have read says to drop a 2010 cam into it to get the heavier decomp weight which solves this problem.... a stage 2 hot cam costs about the same, so if i get a 2010 stage 2 hot cam.. am i safe to assume that this will fit, solve the cold starting issue, and be a hot cam instead of a stock 2010 cam? Thoughts?
  4. Arthur1265

    Help - lost rim lock nut

    I could not find a valve stem nut in any hardware store... Supposedly they use some kind of proprietary thread pattern.
  5. Arthur1265

    Riding shorts

    underarmour heatgear all the way. Im partial to the full leg ones though so it covers under knee guards as well. Feels amazing on a hot day when a breeze comes through.
  6. Arthur1265

    What goggles are you running these days?

    Surprised to see no Oakley fans, most people think they are overpriced?
  7. Arthur1265

    Motion pro T3 clutch cable?

    I've been dancing with this idea for awhile.. how is the install of the hinson kit?
  8. Arthur1265

    Your most important tool

  9. Arthur1265

    Putting on a dirt bike tire

    Meant the axle shaft part of the tool, as far as i can tell that is what pushes the push rod up into the handle lever to determine how close they are, but I am sure i will figure it out, thanks for the help, definitely an awesome tool.
  10. Arthur1265

    Putting on a dirt bike tire

    Absolutely. This was with also looking up instructions how to remove a tire, being the first time and all. Not to hi-jack but how far do you screw in the tube? I could not find any concrete details on how far to turn it in, the instructions say to just not to do it too far as the tool will then bind.
  11. Arthur1265


    they look good, im not a pro so doubt it affects my riding ability at all, i just recently put them on my bike when i was refreshing the plastics/graphics..Do what you want.. its your bike your the one that has to look at it in the garage
  12. Arthur1265

    Putting on a dirt bike tire

    I just received mine... first time ever pulling a tire off to reverse my rear while i wait for delivery on new tires.... only took me maybe 15 minutes start to finish.. granted i know that a used tire is a ton easier, so we will see when the new tire comes in and i have a crack at it.... Already have some riding buddies wanting to drop theirs off.. gonna be making money off of it as well.
  13. Arthur1265

    first hare Scramble

    few posts below you http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1179141-first-hare-scramble/
  14. Arthur1265


    Pit passes nowadays cost 1 Monster energy can each , which we got for free from a signing session at a local dealer the night before. Also got posters signed by probably 20ish riders including tomac, canard, roczen, bogle, etc. As well as free shirts/hats. Was a good couple days, they even fed us for free.
  15. Arthur1265


    It was empty until 2ish, then we noticed more people coming in.. but it still was very empty right up until 5:30-6.... then it filled up pretty quick.