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  1. CRF450mxer00

    07 450 hi-compression?

    At 13:1 or 13.5:1 compression does this make the reliability suffer at all?? I was wondering this while reading the posts? Extra wear on valves or anything like that?
  2. CRF450mxer00

    Oil Leak

    Def. not to much oil. How about barely 1/2 way in sight glass? As far as piston goes it could be that. I just had my friend who did the seals in engine check everything out when he had it all apart b/c he put all the oil seals and split the cases to replace center gasket. I've only put about 5 hours or so on it since then and he told me it looked good then. I'm puzzled.
  3. CRF450mxer00

    Oil Leak

    I have a 2005 CRF450 and I have been having oil drain out the overflow into my airbox and onto my swingarm. I just had seals changed out for the oil transfer in my engine and fixed that problem so I know its not overflowing. Also I know this b/c my sight glass will get visibly low and my trans. check bolt is fine. I don't think the oil tube is filled or clogged but I will recheck this tomorrow. I was on the site browsing so I thought I'd ask you guys. Thanks for any info. Josh #00
  4. CRF450mxer00

    Right Crank Seal

    Alrite. Thanks man. I'll find out in a cpl hours. Josh #00
  5. CRF450mxer00

    Right Crank Seal

    Its about thickness of a nickel or maybe dime in I think. I put it all back 2gether so I am not exact on that. I am going to try it 2morrow so I will know what is going to happen then I guess. Thanks for the info.
  6. CRF450mxer00

    Right Crank Seal

    Thanks. I'm hoping that is alrite. Any other opinions? What will happen if its not ok and I try and ride it? Just leak oil or ? ? Josh #00
  7. CRF450mxer00

    Right Crank Seal

    I put in a new right crank seal and when I was putting it in I pushed it past flush with the case. Is it ok to leave like that or will it hurt my bike? I was trying to get it ready for a race this week. Hoping its ok. Any replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joshua #00
  8. CRF450mxer00

    High Comp. Piston Question

    So what compression do most of you put in your bike? And also what is the stock compression? Thanks- Josh00
  9. CRF450mxer00

    High Comp. Piston Question

    I was told that if you use a HC piston that you would have to go to a race fuel or a mix of race fuel and pump fuel? Is this true or do you guys that have HC pistons use pump fuel with them without any trouble? Thanks for the info. Josh #00
  10. CRF450mxer00

    Motosport Outlets team bikes for sale.

    If I was paying that much for one of those bikes......I couldn't help but take it to the track every weekend and pound out the moto's and race's!! :mad: :-d
  11. CRF450mxer00

    What are you running?

    How do you like the Ferrea valves and spring? Good quality? Do they have good wear qualities for high RPM? Just wondering. Any valve trouble or shimming with the Ferrea valves/springs?
  12. CRF450mxer00

    What are you running?

    I was wondering what set-up most MX racers on this forum use in their CRf 450 top ends? I just wanna see what the majority of people that race use for pistons/valves? Josh #00
  13. CRF450mxer00

    05 450 Top End Rebuild - Suggestions Anyone?

    What is stock compression? 12.5:1? What are most high compression piston ratioed at? Are there different compressions of high compression pistons to chose from or just one? Thanks for any info. Also....you say to use the Ferrera valve and spring kit instead of the KW? Is this just preference or is it just a better kit? Thanks guys.
  14. I am going to rebuild my 05 450 doing the top end and valves. I was wondering what the stock compression is for the piston and what I could go to with out having to use any kind of race gas or any thing like that. I use 93-94 pump fuel. I was wanting to use a Wiseco High compression piston. And also was gonna go with the Kibblewhite SS valves (intake and exhaust) and the Kibblewhite spring kit. Is this a pretty good set up? Or should I go with a diff. company? I race in the 250B class so my bike needs to be able to take race-situations well. Are titanium retainers the valve seats? Or what is that? I saw that in the list of whats included with the KW valve and spring kit. Thanks for the help guys! Josh #00
  15. CRF450mxer00

    a few riding pics from today

    Yeah, where are you at in Virginia? I ride and race MX but I like to ride trails for fun. Let me know where your at and we might be able to ride one time. Later, Josh #00