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    Sold the dr650 for the commute. The AT is a mile muncher. Will review more in depth in dirt when warm again.
    Sold the dr650 for the commute. The AT is a mile muncher. Will review more in depth in dirt when warm again.
  2. Get a dual sport bike and mod the living crap out of it. You will want to ride to see how far you polished a turd.
  3. I would check your brake pins for grooving or notching, remove the caliper and clean the piston as well.
  4. The magic voodoo box machine. I feel like I am riding in a space shuttle...
  5. Grabbing it tomorrow with the "Magic Voodoo Box" I will hit up pics after.
  6. This weekend it's official the DR650 is getting the boot and I am riding Red again. The only catch it's an Africa Twin but I figured I'd stop by my favourite place on the Thumpertalk Forums and give a shout out.
  7. Pssh, car. Grab some good wet weather gear and raw dog it.
  8. Oh btw if you want side covers for the WR http://japan.webike.net/products/19808130.html
  9. A few things on my impression of the WR250. Wow, tall. The bike sits so high I have to shift to dab. The bottom end of the bike feels a bit... Lacking. Like the 250L pulled from low rpm much better the WR for lack of a better word had a powerband. Ergos, for a stock seat it's surprisingly comfortable, and the rake / riding position is by far head and shoulders above any other dual sport. Fit and finish / transmission the bike also seems much better built than the competition. To be honest I am lusting after an Africa twin now lol.
  10. Latest and greatest, for a 104 mile a day commuter it does... ok. The honda vibed less but the DR can go over 100 mph.
  11. Been a while since I checked in here, 7 months later on a mostly sorted DR650 after the 250L leaves me missing certain aspects of my old ride. The 250L Rally is looking good too.
    Great lowering kit, sturdy, simple, and Lifetime warranty.
  12. 1 review

    All JNS products come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship! These 1987-2016 KLR650 Foot Peg Lowering Brackets will drop your footpegs 1.5″ and shift them to the rear 1.0″ for a much more comfortable riding position especially for taller riders. Unlike relocation plates, these mounts do not hang dangerously below the frame! They work with aftermarket or OEM pegs and are compatible with all skid plates, crash bars, and center stands. New 10.9 high strength mounting bolts and two JNS stickers are included. Once installed the foot controls will need adjustment and the brake switch spring slightly modified.
  13. I have pushed one on flat land as high as 86 mph with stock gearing. Strong headwind that drops to 70mph tucked down in 5th gear. It is a good commuter, vibes a good bit less than most other dual sports, is a very cheap frame for modding, and is after about $2k in mods more bike than most people need.