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  1. I would think they should be fine. They fit mine but it was also 2001 that aluminum color must be bigger. It wasn't a exact fit on mine but was close enough to just catch some threds. I just didn't tighten it real tight. I wish I still had the bike I would send u some pics. Yeah it was like a grown man trying to put on a kids belt. Nowhere near making that connection. Lol
  2. Forks are too big in diameter for the guides to work on this bike. Not really sure what good they would do anyway. These things are solid as a rock. If they bend back and scratch the fork, then that means I’m getting hammered with some serious roost. Or colliding with someone. Otherwise, I just don’t really see them becoming an issue.
  3. How is it different from all modern forks that run that same setup? I’ve never had that issue on my Suzuki which is setup the same way. The guides that came with these guards that were supposedly going to fit were nowhere close to even fitting. Am I missing something?
  4. Ordered the 2004 RM250 guards but still had to modify a bit. But overall they fit really good and sturdy. The rings that came with the guards were nowhere close to fitting around the forks.
  5. Well, I will definitely order those to be on the safe side. Odd though, my RMZ450 doesn’t have them.
  6. Are you referring to something more like these?
  7. Thanks man! It’s been a lot of work! Colin @ Faster USA really kicked ass on these wheels. And I made my own ignition wire setup. Gonna be damn near bulletproof lol
  8. Oh, and I carbon fiber wrapped my airbox. That was a challenge. But came out great.
  9. Man you ain’t kidding!!!! This bike was so &%$#@!ed up when I got it, lol. Spent some coin getting her back to life. But hey, it would be wrong to not hit the track once it’s all said and done. How you gonna paint a Kawasaki frame school bus yellow? C’mon man! Even the seat was painted black! Lol
  10. It’s still a work in progress, head is at Millennium Technologies getting re plated, and cases are get cerakoted.
  11. It took some minor modding. What do you think? Look pretty decent?
  12. Would those ‘04 RM fork guards happen to be the same as what is used on the ‘08 RMZ450’s? Cause if so, I have an extra pair of those.
  13. Can someone tell me how this was done? I’m trying to do this on my ‘97 KX250 build.
  14. great job ! Looks minty ! Where did you get those frame guards?
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