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  1. 110Tim

    Good quad for me

    trx400 z400 kfx400 dvx400
  2. 110Tim

    klx110 converted to kx65 suspension

    it's a pitster pro x4r rear end.
  3. 110Tim

    warrior or trx

    The 400ex is a fantastic quad, and would suit you perfectly. the LTZ/KFX 400 is a good machine as well, however the TRX has proved to be more reliable to me than most machines I've owned.
  4. 110Tim

    Honda 400ex t-4 exhaust

    If it's not dented or rotted out buy it. T-4's are great pipes, personally one of my favorites to use. Post up some pics if possible.
  5. 110Tim

    quads comparable to a 250 mojave

    300 ex's are comparable to mojaves. Older 250x is the same as a 300ex. the blaster 250 is also fairly matched up with the mojave (as is the raptor), however I prefer mojaves. They are old and outdated designs, but that doesn't mean anything.
  6. 110Tim

    yamaha raptor 350?

    Go for a 400 sport. Z,KFX,TRX, they're all fine machines. Raptors are not that nice of quads, especially the 660/700.
  7. 110Tim

    Pit bike wont stay running

    Check your valves. Make sure theyre in spec.
  8. Most recent purchase. 02' w/ 4.3. Picked her up for $1100 with no problems and 180k miles. And you can see the 7.3 in the back obviously. Why get another nice truck when there's enough to go around. For a 4.3 vortec this thing can move pretty good.
  9. You are being really picky for being 16 (I'm guessing). No way in hell do you need that specific of a truck. Find a good deal on a light duty truck, and it's all that you will need. But, if you want to be the guy that wastes his money on a heavy duty truck, and uses it for 1/4 of the work it was built for. Ranger, S10, Dakota, 1500's, 150's are what you should be looking for. They will do all the work you need them to, and then some. A ram with a 360 magnum would be closest to what you want. A lot of potential in those motors, and they aren't terrible.
  10. 110Tim

    First time buying used......

    Rock the bike back and forth. Literally grab the handle bars and shake it left to right several times, keeping an eye on all chassis components. Specifically look at where the axle and swingarm meet (bearing carrier), and where the swingarm meets the frame. Push down on the front end keeping an eye on the a-arms and tie rods as well. As for the motor, test it out. Don't just ride it through the gears and call it a day, ride it like you would if you had already owned it. Don't beat on it, that usually doesn't blow over nicely with current owners, but actually ride the quad. See how it performs under load, at high rpms, at low rpms, etc.
  11. 110Tim

    Yahmaha Blaster, any good?

    buy whichever looks nicest, it's only a blaster.
  12. 110Tim


    Check your head, make sure everything is tight. Valves are not the only thing in the head that can knock. Take your valve cover off and look at the valve clearances, cam wear, and timing chain tension. Listen to the knock closely, find where it is coming from. It could be piston slap, it could be bearings, it could be a loose valve. Anyone can play the guessing game 100 times over, but you have the right answer sitting in your garage. If you are not mechanically inclined, taking a valve cover off (and a timing peep) is not hard at all and there is nothing you can mess up just checking things.
  13. 110Tim

    Raptor 660 sitting for 5 years..

    Not everyone is a mechanic. The hobby here is riding, not wrenching.
  14. 110Tim

    Missing tube on carb

    Those are drains, get some hose from the hardware store that fits on it securely and run it along the front of the stator cover (left side of engine). There are two tabs that will hold the lines close to the cylinder.
  15. 110Tim

    kx250 engine in a blaster?

    I take it youre asking what to do with the roller youre getting. If you must make it a running machine try to just find a blaster motor and throw it in there. Quick, easy, reliable. No need to worry if the frame is going to hold up or how bad it will vibrate or any of that bs. Find a cheap blaster motor and put alittle work into it, or part the roller out and put it towards a bigger quad.