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  1. Rude3

    Balancing Wheels?

    Just a quick question, is it necessary to have your wheels balanced?
  2. Rude3

    Exhaust questions

    Do the 3x3 for sure, if not done already. Also altitude will play a role in the jets you choose.
  3. Rude3

    ASV shorty levers for the DRZ?

    You will never go wrong with a Rsc lever. Literally won't purchase anything else. Josh also backs his products up 100%.
  4. Rude3

    Wisconsinite762 Mod Thread

    I will never forget the day my Mrd came. I was a kid on Christmas x100.
  5. Rude3

    Should have never cleaned the Kehin

    Dumb question, but did you remember to put the vacuum line on?
  6. Rude3

    Auto Decompression

    I have always used the specs from the hotcams. But back to my other question. Is the auto decompression supposed to tick off that bucket?
  7. Rude3

    Auto Decompression

    Model E cams, are they the same specs as sm oem ones?
  8. Rude3

    Auto Decompression

    When turning over the engine by hand. I noticed that the lobe on the auto decompression ticks against the valve bucket. To break things down, I had a blown head gasket. Went from 440 back to stock cylinder. New piston and gaskets, after reinstalling everything. I heard a nasty knock. Tore everything down once again and noticed that my valves were hitting the piston. (Exhaust only).
  9. Rude3

    Flatness call out on jug?

    Does anyone happen to know what geometric tolerance for flatness the jug needs to be? Mine is warped and I need to take a few thousandths off. If I were to do that would it have any side effects? Thanks.
  10. Rude3

    Coolant issues

    Using engine ice now. Also did the bleeder screw on the left rad.
  11. Rude3

    Coolant issues

    Midway through the summer after I installed the Mrd, FCR, and turkey baster. I started having issues with the coolant system. When i run the bike for a bit the coolant expands and completely fills the overflow. But also after the bike cools it stays in the overflow. Also when I force the coolant back in to the radiator it seems to have lost some each ride. At this time I have only tested the oem cap 1.1bar and that tested fine. I never have never seen coolant on the ground as well. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  12. Rude3

    Stock Carb & MRD Pipe ?

    Personally I would save for both at one. At least that is the route I took. Reason being because jetting can be tricky and I'd rather do it once and be done. Also I wanted to have the power increase all at once so it did seem noticeable. But you will notice the difference in one or the other.
  13. Rude3


    Pro Taper pillow tops are the way to go.
  14. I recently tore up my favorite riding backpack that I had since I was in 4th grade. I have been in search of a new pack. A few have caught my eye. Including the Oakley toolbox which looks like a great overall bag. Also, my gloves got banged up quite a bit and can't find them anymore. So I am also in search of gloves. So I ask what do you all use for gloves and bags do you use while riding trails or supermoto. I do 90% street riding, DRZ 400sm. Thank you, Austin.