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  1. CR125WoodsRider

    2000 CR 125 Radiator.

    Myler's Radiators can repair radiators and they sell new ones
  2. CR125WoodsRider

    Two stroke saved my foot. Need new pipe

    Yes a pipe repair is $60 I think. That's what I would do, unless you want an new pipe.
  3. CR125WoodsRider

    00-01 CR125/250 Graphics

    Thank you so much for the pictures. They were a big help for me. I now may be making some brackets!
  4. CR125WoodsRider

    00-01 CR125/250 Graphics

    Yes I would really appreciate it if you could get some pictures. If not, no big deal. Thanks,
  5. From what i can tell, it has an FMF pipe, skid plate, renthal bars, brake rotors (like you said), and a different seat cover that doesnt look too good.
  6. CR125WoodsRider

    cost of a cr125

    I would say about $1300-$1500.
  7. I would love to see some pictures of it to see if there are modifications that you dont know about on it. You definatley can make that bike a fun bike!
  8. CR125WoodsRider

    00-01 CR125/250 Graphics

    I have read all about people who switched the shrouds to the 02-07 shrouds. What do you have to modify to make them fit?
  9. CR125WoodsRider

    Cr125 trail riding

    A larger rear sprocket will make a big change. I have experience with flywheel weights on 125s before and they honestly don't do that much. Jetting is important and can make a difference. I have done a lot of jetting changes to make my cr125 better for the woods. Hand guards, skid plate, radiator guards, big gas tank,...
  10. CR125WoodsRider

    00-01 CR125/250 Graphics

    Yodiracer, That is a VERY nice, clean looking bike. Thanks for the info!
  11. CR125WoodsRider

    Maxxis M7305 Maxxcross IT Tire

  12. 6 reviews

    Large, easy to read LCD screen Ultra-compact 1” x 2” design Tach displays current RPM anytime engine is active Records max RPM reached every ride Measures up to 20,000 RPM Hour meter tracks total hours up to 99,999 Spinning arrow icon displays while engine is active Adjustable settings for Fast/Slow updates Adjustable High/Low spark sensitivity for electrical noise suppression Mounts anywhere with heavy duty, die-cut Peel-n-Stick (included) Optional Mount Bracket available for bolt on (sold separately) Easy installation (single wire lead wraps around spark plug wire) EFI compatable: Set PPR @ .05
  13. CR125WoodsRider

    Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System