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  1. BraaapWingDingDing

    Best looking bike contest*************

    No, definitely 2005, look at the ignition cover.
  2. BraaapWingDingDing

    Oil Injection on Two Strokes Redux

    I would ask an engineer who has answer s and theories that go beyond rider and shop mechanic logic.
  3. BraaapWingDingDing

    Hubs- Talon, RAD, OEM?

    You can get stock rims parted of a good bike for $200-$400 in good condition. Sometimes sellers include a set of new bearings too. I always call the sellers first and I usually end up getting a good deal. People tell tend to give you a better deal when they know you a little.
  4. BraaapWingDingDing

    My Reintroduction to the Sport- KX 125 Rebuild

    If you're going to spend so much time and money on a bike I would definitely powdercoat the frame to protect the frame from rust and wear. First thing I do to anything I plan on having for awhile. I've had my kx for 2 years and it's still hasn't lost it shine or rubbed thru. Bike is looking good though!!
  5. BraaapWingDingDing

    Best looking bike contest*************

    I never looked into why Yamaha did black and yellow on some of their special editions. Never like that look personally but that bike looks awesome.
  6. BraaapWingDingDing

    What was your most embarrassing crash?

    A friend of mine stopped short on a turn 2 days ago when we were snowmobiling. I bailed from my sled thinking I would be fine landing in snow.... Turns out not. I smoked an ice chunk with my shoulder and tore my bicep. Now I can hardly move my left arm. So I was kinda embarrassed when I couldnt lift myself off the ground and I sat there and breathed deep and did the "this really hurts" exhale. It was also the only day I rode without my Go Pro on.
  7. BraaapWingDingDing

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    How did you mount the KXF plastics to that bike in the first pic?
  8. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    thank you, finally someone who can answer a simple damn question
  9. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    I said I know that my dust in the top end is from the new piston and rings breaking in via knocking down peaks in the cylinder wall. What I dont know is what the dust in the bottom (trans) is from.
  10. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    You know the point of asking for suggestions on what to do is to actually get helpful advice.So if anyone can advise me on what to do to solve this issue that would be great. If not go troll on someone else's topic.
  11. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    Are you kidding me!!!!! The entire lower half of my motor is lubricated by the same oil! There for yes, the clutch can contaminate the entire bottom system if that's the issue. I'm asking how to check if that's the issue, obviously you don't know a kx motor so why are you wasting my time?!
  12. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    I really hope you are being sarcastic....
  13. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    I've had the cases split 10 times on this bike so it not a problem taking it apart and putting it back together. I just need to know exactly what to look for as far as excessive wear. I know the top and bottom end operate separately but I did list why I think they both have aluminum dust in them. Its the bottom end I'm worried about because it has never been this bad especially with only 4 hours on the oil that was in it. So, to cleary state this, what do I need to do to check for excessive wear in my bottom end, most likely clutch wear. I'm sure there are are forums I could check but I dont have the time between school and work.
  14. BraaapWingDingDing

    Aluminum in bottom end oil!

    Yeah, magnet test was the first thing I did and nothing stuck. What I'm wondering is if it's a combination of both new piston and clutch wear. Just need to know the best way of going about inspection.