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  1. hondamotodad

    Thinking about switching to a 2 stroke....

    I started back riding with a 2004 XR250 about 4 years ago. Then I bought a YZ125 to ride MX with my son and ended up riding it in the woods from time to time. The YZ was a major pain in the woods compared to the XR:eek: . About a year ago I bought a 2007 KTM 250xcw and have never regretted it:ride: . The KTM can handle the MX track and is great on the trails and in the woods. Most 250 2-strokes work well in the woods with a flywheel weight and a gearing change. Throw in a suspension revalve and you're there! I've still got the XR and will probably keep if forever. It's kind of like a Cadillac on the trails and it makes a great neighbor bike. I'll probably ride it again myself when my grandkids start riding in about 3 or 4 years:ride: . The fact that you're asking about moving up indicates you're ready, and if I were you I would look serioulsy at a KTM.
  2. hondamotodad

    XR200 Shifter Drum Question

    Thanks. I'm adding all three parts to the list.
  3. hondamotodad

    XR200 Shifter Drum Question

    My brother's 1997 XR200 was having kickstarter and shifting issues. I've got the entire engine and transmission apart and have identified the kickstarter problem. The shifting problem has been described in this forum several times - is it is very difficult to downshift into first. Initially I thought it might be the gearshift cam. However, I noticed the shifter drum fit very loosely in the needle bearing that holds it in the case. When I say very loosely I mean sloppy loose. Any thoughts on 1) is that normal 2) is the bearing worn out 3) is the shifter drum worn out where it sits in the bearing or 4) both parts are worn to the point of repalcement? The drum itself looks to be in very good shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to just throw money at parts, but I do want to get this right the first time.
  4. hondamotodad

    Help With Xr200r Shifting Woes

    Dirtmonkey - I've torn the engine down as far as I can without Honda part #07716-0020100. It's a funcky looking socket referred to as a spanner wrench and is needed to remove the clutch hub nut. I'm getting the Motionpro brand for $14 shipped. Once I have that I'll be able to pull the clutch off so I can get to the parts metioned above. If you don't have a manual you need to get one. This will give you an idea of what to expect. I believe your suspect part is below the clutch and behind the black piece that is secured by the cotter pin. I've taken pictures of the teardown so far and will post them when done. I would also strongly recommend an impact wrench. I've got the air driven variety and it works great and I'm sure the electric type would work well too. Although, the Clymer manual mentions using a penny to wedge between the transmission gears when removing the clutch hub nut and it looks like it would be pretty effective. I'm taking the engine completely apart so I can replace a couple of the kickstarter gears and cam gear that is pressed onto the crank shaft.
  5. hondamotodad

    Improving handling?

    Have you set the sag? I can tell you from experience that proper sag can make a big difference in cornering, as can proper tire pressure. Raising the forks in the triple clamps, i.e. more fork sticking up above the top triple clamp, makes the bike turn quicker but can make the bike a little squirrelly at high speeds.
  6. hondamotodad

    Help With Xr200r Shifting Woes

    Ooops, didn't mean to imply that you had to take the motor apart to fix this particular problem. I need to pull the kickstart shaft as well (which requires the case to be split) so I'll be addressing both issues at the same time.
  7. hondamotodad

    Help With Xr200r Shifting Woes

    I've got the same problem on a 97 and will be splitting the case over the next couple of weeks. Based on info I've found on this site I've got an idea of what the problem is. I can post pictures of the tear down if you think it might help you.
  8. hondamotodad

    XR200 Engine Cover

    Honda Parts Direct has one for $107 plus shipping. It ain't cheap but it's better than your local dealer. http://www.hondaparts-direct.com/fiche_image_popup.asp?fveh=4247&section=187974&year=1996&make=Honda&category=Motorcycles&dc=2170&name=RIGHT+CRANKCASE+COVER
  9. hondamotodad

    2002 yz125

    I had an '02 and my son had an '03. The '02 had jetting issues (you can read about it in an older issue of one of the dirt bike mags) that I could never overcome. My son's '03 ran like a champ. Go with the '05 - you'll be alot happier.
  10. hondamotodad

    KTM made it look easy, why?

    If you're talking about first or second gear manuevering your way up a fairly steep hill my XR250 is easier to ride than my KTM 250xcw. Both bikes do it well, but the XR simply tractors up the hill while throttle control is important on the KTM.
  11. hondamotodad

    rear spring: forgiveness please

    I just looked at my service manual and looks like the guy is actually sliding the spring seat into the spring coils in order to remove the seat and spring at the same time. Mine is an '04 and has a slot cut into the spring seat so that it will slide past the damper rod easily. Maybe the picture reflects your situation.
  12. hondamotodad

    XR 250 (The right bike?)

    Motocross_rider, at 14 the XR250 will never meet your image standards i.e. the upside down forks. I rode a YZ125 on the track with my 13 year old son who is now 14 and riding a KX250F. He and I are both "C" riders. I was faster on the mx track with the YZ125 and faster in the woods with the XR250. If you're focus is riding mx tracks, and I assume it is given your user name, then go with the YZ125. They are great bikes that can be used with goods results in the woods and on the trails. On top of that there are some really good deals out there since everyone thinks they need a new high performance 4 stroke. They're easy to work on and relatively maintenance free.
  13. hondamotodad

    My airfilter is already coming apart.

    I believe that Notoil uses alcohol as a carrier for the red sticky stuff that ends up on your filter. I've used Notoil on 6 bikes and 1 atv over the past 3 years. I did have a Uni filter come apart at a seam and believe it was due to the alcohol dissolving the glue, because, I never let that filter dry completely before reoiling it. I have had no other air filter issues (I let them all dry completely now) and have used Uni, Notoil and Twin Air fillters. I'll continue to use Notoil as it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional oils and it cleans up really well with just soap and water.
  14. hondamotodad

    250 XC-W Slow?

    I guess slow is a relative term, but I can tell you that my 07 runs 72 mph+. I did have to rejet the pilot and drop the needle to get it to pull harder and cleaner from low rpm. I ride mine a gear higher and shift early to help control wheelspin, but then I'm a woods guy. On the mx track it will pretty much hang with anything out there if ridden aggressively.
  15. hondamotodad

    XR 250 (The right bike?)

    What bike were you riding and what kind of riding will you be doing on the new bike? If you want to do all of the look at me jumps on the mx track then I would say no - get a YZ125. If you're not planning on going big on any jumps the XR250 would be a great next step. It was my first bike (at 45) and I could do the small to medium jumps on the mx track with no problems and raced it in several hare scrambles with reasonble results.