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  1. OK, thanks for the reply, is it gonna hurt anything by not having those washers in? They are the s model right side up showas 49mm forks. If I have to I'll pull em back a part.
  2. So today I replaced my fork seals and fork oil, and completed a respring with racetech springs from the TT shop. I did one side at a time and when I was on the second one, I realized that the new fork springs were about 1/4" shorter than the original. I figured it was probably due to them being stiffer and went ahead and finished. I came inside and found a bag of 6 washers in the box that the springs came in, and I started to wonder if I was supposed to use them as spacers or something. So, do I need to take them apart again? And also, the "smaller" side of the spring goes down right?
  3. This may be the next mod for my z. I just wanna wait until someone puts up a better how to on the install. They look killer!
  4. I'm using 15/44 on my converted S. I really like it, torque moster with just a jet kit, 3x3 and MRDSSW. I have thought about dropping to 15/40 though just to make the occasional highway I do a little more bearable, but who wants to ride highway on a dr anyway, LOL!
  5. Washed her, changed the oil, cleaned n relubed the chain. Then i cranked a 3rd gear wheelie all the way up the hill to get the oil flowin'
  6. Idk I think they look kinda trick, but I wouldn't put it on my bike Cuz I'd mess it up for sure!
  7. If you still treat it like one it is haha
  8. Do it if you've been thinking about it. They are a lot more fun than you may think. I picked one up last fall a lot cheaper, but it didn't have any of those goodies. It came with the stock motor with 88cc bigbore but the case had a big hole in it. It also came with a brand new never run lifan 125 engine. I only paid $250 but the bikes pretty rough, and I didn't care because I like playing around with em
  9. Edit: dunno where that quote came from That sounds pretty good to me, as long as it runs OK. Is it just a 50cc tho? No big bore or anything?
  10. Honestly, I would probably say skip practicing in 1st gear. It makes bad habits because the bike is way too snappy in first. Its almost going over, or taking a dive back to the ground when your on and off the throttle. Just keep practicing your clutch ups in second. You'll start to get a feel for it and get much more comfortable. My wheelies sucked until I learned 2nd and 3rd gear is where I wanted to be. Now its pretty much always 3rd gear clutch ups because its so smooth and easy to keep up.
  11. Ah, I see it now
  12. I'm assuming the rad guards came blue, so I'll say..... Your brake lever??
  13. Now I've gotta place an order!
  14. Yeah, that's kind of what I thought, it looked so good when it was new, nice golden hue with some bluing in the welds. Oh well haha
  15. How would you go about cleaning up the med to make it look newish. Mine has gone to a nearly bronze color, and I'd like to try and bring the stainless look back. Would you just use a metal polish...... Or??????