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  1. rebuilt the carb on my 06 250 quadsport. made sure petcock was'nt bleeding over flooding cylinder. changed oil and filter. now only cranks with choke engaged, smokes, header heats up almost instantly. starts idling really rough/bogging when you apply throttle. then refuses to start until it cools down. what have I done to my quad.
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    Lt230s blowing oil/ white smoke out exhaust

    have a 2006 ltz250 quad sport. started missing and would not idle without choke on. parked it. rebuilt carb, changed oil and filter. made sure I had no leakover thru the petcock. now only cranks and idles with choke engaged. header pipe heats up almost instantly some white smoke. then impossible to start. no compression loss or oil in the top of the cylinder. driving me crazy. als