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  1. no2tracks

    New Rampart Maps Get em while they're hot!

    Where in Colorado Springs can I get one? Apex doesn't have them yet.
  2. no2tracks

    Suggestions for a new motorcycle here in CO

    X2 ADvRider will have a lot of qualified opinions to confuse your issue. http://advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=28 Good Luck!
  3. no2tracks

    Upcoming Trinidad Enduro - Any moisture this week?

    So how did your race go?
  4. no2tracks

    717 conditions?

    It sounds like they're raping and destroying the land to eliminate the public from recreating on public land. Then they;ll close it for rehab. I just see it as a giant endurocross course. Fun!
  5. no2tracks

    List of trails closed due to fires?

    You mean Constellation? I'll bet it's blocked where the pavement ends.(Gold Camp Rd)
  6. no2tracks

    List of trails closed due to fires?

    Cheyenne Canyon is closed. That's where CJ trailhead is.
  7. no2tracks

    List of trails closed due to fires?

    717a is in a 'prepare to evacuate' zone. Teller County area pre-evacuation notice for areas east of CR25 (Tranquil Acres Road and Mocks) - Blossom Rd. Includes: • Tranquil Acres subdivision • North to intersection of Forest Service Roads 357 and 357b • North on FSR 357 to CR78/Painted Rocks Rd. • North to Douglas County Line Read more: http://www.gazette.com/articles/north-140756-mountain-evacuations.html#ixzz1z8TKKU7F
  8. no2tracks

    Colorado Fires - Riding Rampart

    No campfires !!! And smoking outside is restricted too. No fireworks !!! Make sure your bike has a USFS approved sparky on it.
  9. no2tracks

    Need some riding area help near Woodland Park 717 area

    Be aware that highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Woodland Park has been closed for 3 days now and it's unknown when it will reopen. You'll need to find an alternate route.
  10. no2tracks

    Durango area single track

    Public Access Preservation Association Fighting our for our cause, based in Telluride
  11. no2tracks

    St. Charles/Snowslide

    Don't forget your saw! http://www.koaa.com/news/alvarado-campground-to-remain-closed-due-to-tree-debris/
  12. All we need to do to kill it, is to amend it to include all hunters, anglers, equestrians, flower sniffers, campers, waders, and hikers to wear said large ID numbers that can be photoed from a distance. Oh, and all BLM and FS personnel show wear ID too, so we can identify who started the fire!
  13. no2tracks

    RIP Rich

    How tragic! RIP Rich.
  14. no2tracks

    Ride Pueblo or anywhere else this week?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but PPIR is a $10 fee, Not a donation.