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  1. not sure what type of riding you do, but I put a 606 on my 540 (started life as a 450) during a long dual-sport ride through colo-Utah mostly 2 track and jeep trails but , other than a smoother road ride than a true knobby i couldn't find any redeamng value to this tire. It didn't seem to do anything well, I was much happier with the Mich. AC-10's or just a true knobby s-12 or mx-31- mx 51
  2. flem

    TAT on an EXC?

    I don't see why not. We are planning on doing the TAT also next year, thinking late aug./early sept. and starting on the east side of the rockies. and heading west from there we are deciding on whether to loop it,( as an out and back maybe colorado to Moab and back) or figure out a deadhead spot ride as far as we can the rent a u haul van and drive that back to our starting point. As far as using an EXC I'm planning on running my 525 EXC for this trip and I don't have any hesitation about it. depending on the expected temps when we go I may add the the HT racing oil cooler that adds additional capacity for extra insurance. but i was planning on having at least one oil change interval allong the way. as you look through the TAT maps you can google motorcycle dealers and there are several along the route and or make plans to have oil where you are going to be. as our plan for the TAT is to run as light as possible. and I wouldn't want to caryy 3 litres of oil w/ me carry one and buy what you need along the way. as far as valves I haven't had any movement on mine in the last 40 hrs (checked every 10 hrs.) but if you plan a stopovever day in a town its a 20-30 min. job to check -em.
  3. flem

    NOMADS Ride Sunday Oct.11th

    If you around davisburg there's a few guys coming over ride at my place ,
  4. flem

    West Higgins ride

    if you liked it they must have graded it in the last couple of weeks, last year it was whooped pretty bad.
  5. flem

    Place to stay in Moorestown, MI?

    you can find places to stay around higgins lake, and the roads there are oprn to ORV's so you could ride out from there or start at the higgins lake loop and head west from there
  6. flem

    New single track in central U.P. of Michigan!

    we rode missaukee #2, it looked as if there hadn't been any traffic in weeks/maybe months, no signs of overturned soli from traffic
  7. flem


    its sounds like you guys have found some new areas to ride, as its 9:30 on Sunday morning right now I doubt I'm riding today. from the date of this pst I started its been over 2.5 years since I rode w/ you guys, I'm in if there's single track involved.
  8. flem

    New single track in central U.P. of Michigan!

    2 trakR - Are there any new trail going in / on the ground in the LP? we were out a few weeks ago and road the MCCT cross - state connector along north Missaukee trail, the trail layout was ok, but the ferns were absolutely ridiculous in many areas they were so overgrown you couldn't tell there was trail there. it was like riding a 6 inch wide trail and with it being new there was lots of obscured stumps and debris in the trail. I had heard there was talk of adding shadow trails to some of the trails that have heavy quad traffic.
  9. flem

    Anywhere to ride near metro Detroit?

    Unless your going in the morning on a weekday, riding at the mounds is taking your life in your own hands. and now that the quads have taken over all the trails have either a double ridge in them and are all washed out to mud holes.
  10. flem

    Anywhere to ride near metro Detroit?

    http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Davisburg&state=MI&zipcode=48350&country=US&latitude=42.7517&longitude=-83.5244&geocode=ZIP#a/maps/l:::Davisburg:MI:48350:US:42.7517:-83.5244:zip::1/m:hyb:10:42.746498:-83.504832:0:::::::::/io:0:::::f:EN:M:/e SWITCH to aerial view and pan to the east, there'a A TRACK AND A TRAILS IN THE WOODS by i-75
  11. flem

    Anywhere to ride near metro Detroit?

    heard here punch into google 42.66759,-83.325462
  12. flem

    any of the "new" trail yet?

    As for the expansion of the Michigan trail system is any of the "new" ADDTIONAL trail mileage on the ground yet? its been 2 years since the announcement.
  13. flem

    need more power 07 450exc

    one thinkg in your comments if you want quicker response you can also try a lighter flywheel on the bike, this will contributre to a snappier feel to the bike. I had my 450 EXC did the JD jetting, power now ,14:52 but in the end I ended up putting a 525 cylinder and piston on it now I run 14:51 gearing AND IT WILL STAND UP anytime I want it to, and I feel the 525 motor is more docile down low in the woods.
  14. flem

    Barn finds... Such a thing anymore?

    Last week I just bought a 1972 husqvarna 250WR complete intact , fenders aircleaner all intact, everything in decent shape, spits and coughs, but runs, been sitting in somebodies barn for 17 years. bought it for 250.00 talked him down from 300.00
  15. flem

    Labor Day weekend riding in Kalkaska?

    a group of us will be up labor day weekend, spread between Waters and some at Higgins Lake. we were thinking Kalakaska, riding out of waters, or the MCCT cross state connector 131 to Roscommon