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  1. aaronaweb

    Improve your Speed & Endurance by Dropping Some Body Fat

    Why do you suggest keeping cardio low intensity? I always understood that you should go as hard as you can for the amount of time you have to workout. That is, if you're not new to training.
  2. aaronaweb

    06 rm250 fork seal

    Okay. Good to know it's not always easy. I'll go ahead and try some heat. I'm always afraid of being too heavy-handed and breaking something. I'll keep trying. Thank you for the input.
  3. aaronaweb

    06 rm250 fork seal

    Helllllllpppp! I'm trying to replace a leaky fork oil seal on my '06 rm 250. I have the retaining clip out by my fork legs will not break apart. Everything I've researched shows/says they should separate pretty easily but mine are not, even with a good amount of force.
  4. aaronaweb

    06 yz 250 jetting issues

    I thought about that, too. But, they're a little too proud of their product. Crazy pricey for what you get. I lowered my needle and adjusted the idle screw. It's much better. I believe I also need to go smaller on the pilot jet now. Thank you for the advice!
  5. aaronaweb

    06 yz 250 jetting issues

    That's funny man! Alright I'll certainly mess with the pilot jet since its sputtering-out at only about an eighth throttle. Hopefully it won't take too long to get it right because that's riding time!
  6. aaronaweb

    06 yz 250 jetting issues

    Ok. I have tried adjusting the air screw and it didn't do much good. So, I guess I'll start tinkering with the jetting. Thanks!
  7. aaronaweb

    06 yz 250 jetting issues

    I'm not sure what my settings are. I've only had the bike for about three months. The motor has great compression and runs strong if I can keep it from fouling. So, I don't think there's problems in the bottom end of the motor.
  8. Hello guys, I just bought an 06 yz 250 and I'm new to two strokes. I keep fouling plugs (running 32:1). When I put a new plug in the bike, it is firing right up. However, as soon as I put it into gear and ride away, the motor is sputtering out and quiting shortly after. Also, I know two strokes are supposed to smoke but, my bike is smoking a ton. My guess is that the bike is simply running rich and I need to adjust the clip on the needle but, I'm really not sure. Any help and advice would be much appreciated!