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  1. Dougie

    Creed Colorado Riding?

    Any one have any information on trails and where to ride around Creede Colorado?
  2. Dougie

    Acerbis headlight hookup

    You mean split the blue wire to hook up to the other two prongs?
  3. Anyone put on an Acerbis headlight? I picked one up for my '99 WR 400 as a replacement and I'm not sure how to connect it. It has three prongs (flat and in a row) coming out of the back of the light. My WR only has a 2 wire plug. Do I just connect the two wires to the two outside prongs on the headlight? I assume the third is for a highbeam option. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I'm giving my '99 WR400 (YZ'd) a good once over this year. New plastic, light, handgaurds, Big Gun exhaust system, etc. I'm going to do the valves and I am wondering if I should do a top end also. To do the valves, I will not take the engine out, but if it needs a top end, I might as well take it all the way out. (I will do my own valves, but take it in for a top end). I know 4 strokes don't need them hardly as much as a two, but it has been 5 years now. Has anyone needed to do this yet on their 400?
  5. Years ago, way back in '99-'00, I wrote an article for the "old" Thumpertalk site, on how to do your own valve adjustments. Well, I need to do mine and I can't find my copy. So I need to find an archive of that "old" tech section. Anyone know if they have a link to it here? Thanks.
  6. Years ago, way back in '99-'00, I wrote an article for the "old" Thumpertalk site, on how to do your own valve adjustments. Well, I need to do mine and I can't find my copy. So I need to find an archive of that "old" tech section. Anyone now if they have a link to it here? Thanks.
  7. Dougie

    Pics of my '05 WR450

    What plastic did you use?
  8. Dougie

    Yellow Plastic

    Doing a big overhaul on my 99 WR this year. I'm thinking of switching to yellow plastic. Anyone done this on theirs? What plastic did you go with? UFO, One Industies, something else? I thought I'd go with One, but I am not having any luck finding their plastic online. Their website doesn't even show their plastic selections (unless I am at the wrong One site). Anyone have the site for UFO? I gooled it but get either accessory shops or sites for UFOs.
  9. I need a new exhaust system, header and can. I had the FMF Power Core IV on it for the past 4 years. Need info on the quiet series for both FMF and the Big Gun exhausts. Big Gun claims 96 dBs, I think FMF claims 98 dBs. Any one using either of these systems?
  10. Dougie

    Utah Radiator Guy

    Any know the name and contact info to the guy in Utah who repairs radiators?
  11. Dougie

    Moab May 13-17

    We've never ridden the Swell so I don't know much about it. Can you give me any info on trails and how to get there. Is there a map for it? I assume we'd have to trailer out from Moab. We'd probably take Friday to ride it if I can talk the others into it.
  12. Dougie

    Moab May 13-17

    Four of us will be out there then. Just wondering if anyone else may out there during that time.
  13. Dougie

    Moab trails?

    Kane Creek would probably be the funnest for them. Only two challenging climbs, but with help from the more experienced riders, they should be fine. If you hustle, you could get up and back in a half day. Poison Spider would also be a fun ride. Lots of sand though and a couple of challenging climbs. Again with help from the more experienced, they could make it. I would take them on the Slick Rock loop also. That would be a hoot for them. Then you could head down the dirtroad about 8 miles to Porcupine Rim. Ride it up to the single track sign and back. Great views on that trail. Stay off the single track part. It is very challenging with many drop offs several hundred feed down. And I'm sure four wheelers would not get thorugh anyway. Steelbender (Flat Pass) is a quick 11 mile ride. It has some tougher ledges and climbs but I don't think it would be anything an intermediate couldn't get over. If you have some squimish or non expert riders, stay away from Pritchett, Amasa Back and Golden Spike, Moab Rim and Hells Revenge. That said, we took two intermediate riders with us to Moab last year. They hit all the trails we did. Sure they struggled at times, but made it all the way through, including the Porcupine single track. I think White Rim Trail is suppopsed to be easy and have spectacular views. Very long but easy. I've never been on it though. Hope that helps, have fun and be safe.
  14. Dougie

    We need a Rocky Mountain TT Ride.

    I need to drop out fellas. Family duty calls. The Aug 21/22 date puts me smack dab in the middle of our due date for our second child. Yes, while hooking up with you guys is tempting, I'm not so sure my wife would agree Sounds like it will be a good one.
  15. Dougie

    We need a Rocky Mountain TT Ride.

    I'd be up for it. I attended the first TT ride in Moab a few years ago. It was great. Met lots of great members and had a blast.