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  1. Figure Id update this one. Runs awesome. Ive recently found a lighting coil for it and Ive got it running the headlight and charging the battery. That took some thinking to integrate it to the XL100 wiring harness, since the lighting coil only had one output, whereas the factory had 2 or 3 on the lighting side. I ended up running the new lighting coil to the yellow wire on the XL100 harness, which if you know old small cc hondas, the yellow wire goes to the regulator and straight to the headlight (cause honda had that weird AC power headlight thing). It runs the headlight and charges the battery, havent found any issues running it like that yet. Another weird thing I found, while integrating the XR200 ignition circuit with the XL100 wiring, was the handlebar kill switch. Im used to the handlebar kill switch grounding the negative side of the coil. And my Clymer manual shows the kill switch as open in the run position, closed in either off position. But upon taking it apart, the killswitch is closed in the run position, and open in either off position. And following the wiring harness, the killswitch puts switched 6V to the positive side of the coil. Im still not sure how to integrate that properly with the CDI system from the XR motor, I have yet to try running switched 6V to the ignition coil. Im not sure how thats gonna work. As a work around, Ive changed my wiring slightly so instead of switched 6V going to the kill switch, Its grounded. The other side of the kill switch is coil negative, and I just have to remember that off is run and run is off... And in the same issue, the keyed switch only controls the lights. The bike will still start regardless of key position. Fine for an off road machine, but for street Id want to fix that. Obligatory bike pic, not a good one, Ive done more riding than working on it lately (A first for me with any of my past bikes)
  2. Hi all, So this past weekend my girlfriend and I purchased some DR350's. The white one is a 1994, has had the airbox mod done and has been jetted for it (a bit rich IMO but whatever) Its had forks done recently, as well as brakes and other maintenance. Could use a new chain and rear sprocket. My girlfriend got this one. I went cheaper with the black one. Ive been told its a 1990 frame with a 1997 motor, electrics, and possibly forks and wheels (boy that will be fun ordering parts for!) Its got the TM33 carb from kientech and a supertrapp muffler. Im pretty sure thats the Maier MX style fender on the back. Compared to the white one it hauls! Im changing the tail light and putting signals back on (Ew, I know) We are wanting to put a TM33 on the white one. I happen to have a matched set of 4 left over from a failed "motorcycle carb conversion" on a little english car. The jets have been drilled out for running a 2.0. Im just not sure on where to start for jetting when putting one on the DR. Would it be best to take the jets from the CV carb and put them in the TM33, and tune from there? Also, if anyone else has the MX style rear fender, what are you running for a tail light? Im not a fan of the skinny little LED things. Cheers!
  3. Well it's been awhile, but the bike is running as of last night. Still not done as there's no exhaust, I want to paint the engine silver, and I've got an oil leak from the clutch cover when running. Also after I shut it down, the clutch has seemed to have locked up, when I pull the lever at the case it doesn't want to move, so the cover definitely needs to come off. But its running and has loads of power! Talk about effortless wheelies
  4. I'd like to think I already do, or atleast am close. I did a couple of CT70s, Yamaha DT175, my XL250, and a 1972 Ford Cortina...
  5. Decided to start a thread here to track and share my progress, rather than filling the XR section with my babbling... Spent a few years dirtbike-less after I sold my last bike, 1976 XL250 (I regret that). Recently the girlfriend took an interest and she bought herself a 1980 KE175, which made me want another. I purchased this 1975 XL100 for $400. I knew it would need work but it did start and seemed mostly there. I realised after I brought it home the Kickstarter was stripped, and pieces of wire were wedged in there to hold. Needless to say it didn't. I drilled it for a roll pin, but that sheared off shortly after. A CB100 engine of similar vintage came up on Craigslist for cheap and the seller delivered it. Kickstarter was in good shape so I bought it and put it in. Got it running but wouldn't go into any gear. Found that some shifter arm parts were missing, but even after replacing those still no gear. Every gear but 2nd acted like neutral. Rather than putting money into fixing up a 100cc engine, I looked for and found an XR200 parts bike. I spent a couple hours fitting the motor in the frame, and got it to spark in the XL100 frame, then pulled that motor apart to rebuild. I had to grind a bit of the frame away to fit the lower rear mount. Also flipped the intake, and slotted it's bolt holes so it lined up. And once I pulled the engine apart, I found 2nd gear in several pieces Ordered a replacement from Partzilla first, then they told me it's no longer available after I ordered, so I found the gear on eBay. That's where I'm at, I've started painting the engine, I have to repair a crack in the case that was made when the 2nd gear let go.
  6. Well when I said it shifted through all gears, I didn't do much more than watch the shift drum move. Turns out, that my shift forks are fine. The 2nd gear drive gear exploded Thankfully I found all the pieces and none of the other gears are damaged, and the crank is not damaged either. It did however crack the right side case. I'll have to do some aluminum repair. The gear I found on Partzilla, for $35, so I'm not too upset
  7. Perfect, thanks! Only one problem, the lighting coil on this bike is MIA! But that's ok. I got the frame clearanced today and got the engine bolted in fully minus the top stay. I flipped the intake around, and in order to make the intake match the port in the head after flipping I had to slot the holes about 1/8 of an inch. The Carb just barely fits under the tank, and I'm thinking I'll run a pod filter with a 90 degree elbow on it, if I can find one Anyway I got it to spark, and run in some brakekleen. Now that proof of concept is done it's coming back apart, gonna split the cases and freshen up the engine, inspect the shift forks closely, cause it did shift but not very nicely. paint engine and the frame of the bike. Glad I'm not in this for the money....
  8. Well, the XR is dismantled and the 200cc heart is hung in the XL frame It will have to come out so I can clearance the frame, as the case on the right side hits the frame, keeping me from installing the lower rear mount bolt I think I will also have to flip the intake around, as right now it's pointed straight at the XL's frame
  9. Ive found some conflicting information about the electrical system on the XR200. Maybe someone can help me confirm if some of its correct. The bike is at my girlfriends parents place so I cant go look at it. Basically I thought an 82 would be 12v, but Ive found some information saying that 81-83 used 6 volt. That would be ideal, since I could keep most of the existing electrical on the XL100 frame. Ive also found info saying that it is 12v, but more people are saying 6v... And in whichever case, sounds like there is a pink wire coming from the stator that goes up under the gas tank area and loops back down to the stator. Will I basically have to take this wire and run it to my regulator/rectifier?
  10. Perfect, I guess an 82 will be a 12v system too. I'll have to buy a regulator and a battery
  11. Awesome bike! I like frankenbikes too. Is the stator in the xr200 motor capable of running lights, or is there a stator from another bike I have to swap in for that?
  12. Well I ripped it apart, I found that the shift shaft wasn't lined up, it was missing it's return spring, and the stopper/arm that engages with the drum was missing. I pulled all the needed parts off of my other engine. Once all back together, I was able to cycle the drum through all gears via the shifter, but unfortunately all of the gears except for either 2nd or 4th(not sure which, going off position if the drum) acted like neutral. No engagement whatsoever. Something is either very broken or missing completely. Not sure why someone would pull parts out of a case and slap it back together, but there are some shady people out there. I decided to walk away at that point. It was pretty clear I got a little bit screwed, on both the bike purchase and the second engine purchase. Once I calmed down I focused on how to make things right in my own head. I found a 1982 Honda XR200 parts bike for a decent price. The motor and all wiring are there and it cycles through all gears. If I'm going to be putting as much money as I already have in this bike, it sure wasn't keeping it's 100cc motor. This 200cc is finding it's way in this frame one way or another...
  13. I'm hoping so too. I won't have a chance to rip it apart untill wendsday.
  14. Well a used but good condition CB100 engine came up on Craigslist, I paid $100 and the seller delivered it so I couldn't complain. By the time I buy a new kicker shaft and the gaskets and seals I'd need to replace while the cases are apart, it ended up being cheaper. Spent today swapping it over, I used my stator windings as well as points and advance mech. It started first kick, sounds awesome, tons of compression. Unfortunately it won't shift. It doesn't feel like the shifter mech isn't engaging with anything, just moving back and forth. I just hope it's nothing deeper than the right side cover. That's my $100 cb engine on the left, my old one on the right
  15. My first test was brake kleen sprayed into the carb throat. Cam tension is ok. My Clymer manual showed up today so I did some work on the bike. The wiring diagram for 1975 shows that it is NOT battery dependent. zrxer hit the nail on the head, the points cam was 180 out. While I was in there I set the valve clearance, they were a bit tight. I put some gas in it and it didnt take long to fire up. Rode it up and down the driveway but didnt run it long as the petcock developed a leak. I also have to repair the kick starter. At some point it striped the splines and somebody welded it on. Then what looks fairly recently is someone needed to get the right side cover off. Instead of simply grinding the welds flat and pulling the lever off, they cut off the end of the shaft and lever clean, about 1/4" into the shaft, and jammed pieces of wire in it to try to hold it. I noticed this shortly after I bought it, and since both pieces were already butchered I drilled through both and hammered a roll pin in them. But that roll pin didnt last longer than maybe 10 kicks before it sheared. Im not sure if I want to split the case and replace the shaft, and rebuild the motor at the same time, or drill my roll pin hole slightly bigger for a 1/4" bolt, or find a Lifan engine of slightly more displacement... But thats for another day. Cheers