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  1. Yea I got rid the kick stand kill switch soon after taking the bike off road the first time. Cut the wires up high and capped an tucked away. Also took the bike out in the rain petcock set to prime bike ran great. Thought my fcr would go on this weekend but I got my Jetsrus order and half the parts are backordered. I guess i've waited this long.....
  2. I had this happen as well watch for the screen above to drain hole when re tapping. you could punch a hole in it ask me how I know:bonk:
  3. Just recreated the problem with the garden hose. Spraying the plug wires and caps had no effect once I sprayed the petcock and carb area I noticed the fuel in the fuel line stops flowing. and the bike sputters and stalled. Got the bike started again sprayed the same area but this time in prime mode and the fuel keeps flowing. Going to install a FCR MX soon I was going to use the stock petcock but I think using the raptor might be a better idea.
  4. My 98 DR650 started cutting out in the rain. Did it last Thursday in a heavy rain and today in a medium rain. Runs and stalls after the third time it stalled at speed I pulled over and switched the fuel valve to prime. After that the bike ran fine. this makes me think I am getting water in the carb through vacuum line. I have run this bike in water up to the side panels in the past without a problem. This sucks because it rains almost everyday in Orlando. Also when the bike sputters and cuts out all electrical systems are still working.
  5. +1 on the ken Sean I just put them on and for the money you can't beat them. I won't pay too much for mirrors on my bike there disposable
  6. Hay mines been like that for over a year (Buell KTM fender) oh well lets all mod our DR's. Yours is looking good man I wish I could afford a Speed Triple and my DR. I now need to get the black rear fender, gas tank, and shock boots to complete the look.
  7. Take care no to drill through the oil pump pick up screen it is about 1.25" above the oil drain hole. I too had a stripped drain plug but I drilled and tapped it. In the process I drilled a hole in that screen and to replace it I had to remove the motor and open the case. On the up side I now have a high comp piston Thanks Jessie.
  8. Orlando, I love to ride in ONF and Scottsmoore off 95 and Maytown Rd. Also love to put in the poilet powers and tear up the streets.
  9. Ride mine on road and have crashed mine off road no problems. It seem so sit within the confine of the handle bars and front wheel. Maby an end for end crash would take it out.
  10. Nice Dixiedualsport shirt looks like bike week 2005?
  11. Is that also why there wasn't any decell pop? Nice riding by the way.
  12. This happens to me off road sometimes after a hard spill. You can push back straight without loosening the T-Clamp bolts. Stand in front of the bike with the tire between your legs an give the bars a pull in the direction they should be.
  13. Nice those water/mud holes are a blast.
  14. Thought I would never get that one out
  15. jetted piped stock gearing 5miles on flat land 98 650 110 on speedo GPS says 101 no more.