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  1. y2k_TA

    Florida riders please help me!

    +2 on hardrock, if you are going further north u can hit north florida MX at hilliard, he is open some nights with lights as well and that is pretty cool
  2. y2k_TA

    ocala "centennial trail ?"

    Ya the water level was fine. here is another vid of my son on the same swing.
  3. y2k_TA

    CRF450R Head Work in Jacksonville FL?

    Tachyon Racing head service. 11747 Phillips Hwy. 904-367-0390
  4. y2k_TA

    CRF450R Head Work in Jacksonville FL?

    i used tachyon on phillips highwy a few years back...... stilll working great
  5. y2k_TA

    ocala "centennial trail ?"

    Rodes the 45 mile loop over the weekend...it was a good ride, found blue sink and it was crystal clear water with a cool rope swing, here is a clip of my brother in law almost not making it
  6. y2k_TA

    Memorial weekend...

    ONF , should be sweet after all this rain
  7. y2k_TA

    ocala "centennial trail ?"

    Sweet, we are headed to delancy for the 4 day weekend. We will head down to big scrub to check it out. You say go east from big scrub. Are there lots of gators in the water or is it pretty safe. We used to like to go to Juniper waycross but a few years back a girl got killed and it got shut down.
  8. y2k_TA

    ocala "centennial trail ?"

    Do you pretty much just leave from big scrub, We haven't been that way since they stopped free for all riding? If you have gps coordinates, that would be awesome.
  9. y2k_TA

    ocala "centennial trail ?"

    We ride Ocala Delancy loops several times a year, but my kids are interested in the new centennial trail loop, as the forest service site says there are swimming holes along the trail. Has anyone ridden this trail, if so how was it?are the swimming holes OK? and where can i find a map ? cant find it on the forest service site.
  10. y2k_TA

    new clutch, metal in oil

    Sweet ...............that is what i was wanting to hear
  11. y2k_TA

    02 overheating in the woods...

    you can turn your front frame rail into an overflow tank . this is what i did to mine. now if it overflows it goes into the front frame rail and when it cools it sucks it back in. you can do a search for info with pics, i can probably take a few pics tomorow if you want. i did it about 3 years ago and it has helped a lot . never lose coolant anymore
  12. y2k_TA

    new clutch, metal in oil

    I figured i would have to change oil a few times , i was just expecting discoloration, not metal. Is the small amount of metal normal after changing these parts ?
  13. I recently replaced my clutch pack, Clutch basket, and inner hub. 1st oil change on tranny after a weekend of riding produced a small amount of aluminum particles in waste oil. I am a little worried, is this normal
  14. y2k_TA

    Hatfield Mccoy Saturady March 7th

    hey, how was your trip?
  15. y2k_TA

    Hatfield Mccoy Saturady March 7th

    just looked at noaa's snow cover sat image and it looks like most of the snow was just east of wv, wv did get some but not a foot.http://www.nohrsc.noaa.gov/nsa/index.html?year=2009&month=3&day=3&units=e&region=Southern_Appalachia