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  1. st3ve

    Sand Flea Ride June 25th?

    im not a jew, kraut!
  2. st3ve

    Do you allow Test Rides?

    i let them ride it, i have 2 acres so theres plenty of room i wouldnt buy a bike i couldnt ride
  3. st3ve

    Advice on getting into race mode

    get pissed off
  4. st3ve

    Sand Flea Ride June 25th?

    ill pay for 4/4th of it and buy your beer, as long as you share it and you introduce me to some of the girls in your new neighborhood'
  5. I put WD40 on to prevent rust, not to provide lubrication..
  6. st3ve

    Sand Flea Ride June 25th?

    we can swap stories mr.beezer boy but if you read the post...brad might not be in town that week..
  7. st3ve

    Cornering on a 125 for a short dude.

    learn to balance..keep your leg out and dont let it touch the ground. im about the same height as you (5'3 or 5'4) you'll get the hang of it...
  8. Steve lamson won 2 125 titles on the CR125 MHR (Manchester Honda Racing) makes a fast motor..I don't know if they do any port work anymore but i've seen some newer CR250's around here with MHR graphics
  9. st3ve

    short riders

    VERY TRUE when im done with puberty ill be running with RC
  10. st3ve

    Sand Flea Ride June 25th?

    Most of my own way, my parents bought me the bike but I still owe them some $$$ I pay for parts,admission(races/practice), gas, oil, etc..whatever I dont need Im still a punk though Beezer you seem to get more attention from the older TT folk from NJ, ask one of your gay buddies if they want to be my guardian for the day and if they can get me on the way up and bring me home, ill pay for 3/4 of whatever gas they use..
  11. atta' boy keroscene is the best filter cleaner, period
  12. st3ve

    short riders

    I know, but im asking what your observations are, since mine are poor..
  13. Do shorter riders tend to be faster then taller riders? Im not talking about national level riders but just observations you have seen at the track. My friend said alot of the faster guys are short but I've never paid enough attention when I ride. I'd think a average-taller sized rider would have more of an advantage as far as turning and whoops go, I probably have to work twice as hard going through whoops as a tall guy