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  1. I've lurked on this site for years. If there is one constant its your negativity.
  2. No I don't. What if I did though? Look, I get it, your a pessimistic bitter old guy who just wants things to go back to the way they were in "your day". Have a great day focusing on negative things.
  3. AZOP puts on races for more than just motorcycles. Don't like it? Too bad. Move on.
  4. Sounds like some NIMBY stuff to me...
  5. You won't be going so what does it really matter?
  6. Beisch

    Jeff Alessi

    Yup, Jeff is a bitter baby. In other news, water is still wet.
  7. Beisch

    cleghorn trail, ca

    You will definitely get more responses if you post this in the California forum. However, being that I lived in Socal for over 20 years I will chime in. The website is correct, the trail only connects the 15 with the 138. I.E. you cannot ride a Non-street legal vehicle on the 138 or east of it. You can buy Forest passes at most Chevrons and Ranger Stations, not sure what you mean by buying a pass "there". Lastly, I hate to be a Debbie Downer but Cleghorn trail is quite boring, its really just an out and back graded dirt road. If it is more than a 30 minute drive for you to get there, I wouldn't even bother. There is much MUCH better riding fairly nearby. Edit: I just noticed you posted this in the CA forum.
  8. Beisch

    Screw Toyota and the Tacoma

    Can you still do the Baja in it though?
  9. Beisch

    Southern California Trails

    Woops... Sorry.
  10. Beisch

    Southern California Trails

    Thanks for the advice.
  11. Beisch

    Where to Re-Teach an Old New Rider in Socal

    Best poo slinging thread hijack ever.
  12. Beisch

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Just a question, but why do you repost things that were just posted on RDC that don't really have any context here?
  13. Beisch

    Trail riding with a Cessna 172

    Its Mammoth.. That's mostly what it is.
  14. Beisch

    Where did you ride?

    Divide Peak
  15. Beisch

    2 Gopros in the Mojave desert heading to Dove Springs

    LOL are you really saying that Neil Peart isn't a good drummer??? Just stop now.