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  1. ktmrider125sx

    Best feeling on a dirt bike for you?

    When you're pushing the limits but still in control, nothing else matters just you and your bike!
  2. ktmrider125sx

    Difference between c class and beginner?

    Line selection, corner speed, starts there's a lot
  3. ktmrider125sx

    Clutch problems

    Already did that when I filed the basket. I replaced the hydraulic oil and bled it and back bled it haha
  4. ktmrider125sx

    Clutch problems

    I'll check it out thanks!
  5. ktmrider125sx

    Clutch problems

    Both, I tore it apart again and the pressure plate seemed like it was sticking on one side if that makes sense only one side moved. I took the plates out made sure they were in correctly and put it back together and now the pressure plate moves evenly. I gotta get a new gasket tomorrow and try it out again!
  6. ktmrider125sx

    Clutch problems

    yup overnight and because the bike was creeping on the starting gate so I figured basket was notched, filed it and ordered new plates because the old ones looked worn out. Should have been more descriptive. The bike will spin the tire if I nail the throttle with the clutch in, but with it out it pulls harder than ever
  7. ktmrider125sx

    Clutch problems

    I have a Hinson basket that had minimum notching so I filed it down smooth, and the plates looked pretty bad so I bought a tusk kit, soaked them and put them in. Should have been more descriptive.. Sorry haha
  8. ktmrider125sx

    Clutch problems

    Hey everyone I just replaced all the clutch plates and springs in my 125 and when I put it in gear it just walks foreword. The move i rev the faster it goes. I tried adjusting the lever both ways with no luck. Did I put something in the wrong way? Thanks for any help
  9. ktmrider125sx

    Best homemade hick fixes

    A guy at the track the other day broke his brake pedal so he cut a spare shifter in half and taped it to the broken brake pedal. He ran if for both of his second motos with no problems!
  10. ktmrider125sx

    Cleaning Engine Aluminum

    I used metal polish and took my time to make sure I got every last bit of dirt
  11. ktmrider125sx

    Favorite type of terrain?

    Sand!! Lean back and hold er wide! We have a huge sand track in our circuit and that's where I do best at. Especially with a sand tire. Those make a huge difference
  12. ktmrider125sx

    125 expansion chambers

    Hey everyone, I've got my 125 all set up with a fmf fatty and shorty combo. It runs great but after half a season of racing on rocky tracks the expansion chambers all dented up. I'm gonna get a new one soon and saw the dep pipes. Are those better then the fatty and worth messing with the jetting or just get a fatty and not worry about it? Thanks!
  13. ktmrider125sx

    Why does my bike always veer to the left?

    ^^^ do you make sure the tire is straight when your tightening the chain?
  14. ktmrider125sx

    Steering stem bearing problems

    good! Glad to hear! It really makes a difference with new bearings
  15. ktmrider125sx

    Could be stupid question... Any grease fittings on bike?

    Gotta tear everything apart and regrease it. I do all the bearings every winter