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  1. ryno625

    Colored bolts

    I have seen some people with anodized (im assuming anyway) bolts to dress up their engines or other parts. I am mainly looking for 8mm flange bolts the are one the engines. I have been trying to find them the gold/flow yellow to make the engine on my husky have some subtle detail about it.
  2. ryno625

    Just bought a 2018 TC250. What mods?

    I went with FMF factory Fatty, Ti2 shorty silencer, V-Force4 reeds, Lectron HV carb, and run the green powervalve spring. The bike is a rocket! With this setup it is noticeably faster and easier to tune than stock. I have had no issues with the carb and my exhaust carbon in the silencer is a dark grey. I also run 50/50 race gas and mix at 60:1 as is recommended by the manual.
  3. ryno625

    Giving up the mikuni battle!

    I just spent the day dialing in my lectron today at the track and couldnt be happier with it. I ordered the HV lectron from slavens with a V-force4. I also have a fmf factory fatty and ti2 shorty. This setup seems great so far, but think I will go with a billet head in the near future. Suspension is next though.
  4. I am looking at some Ohlins suspension off of a 2013 KTM 450 SXF. The TTX shock and matching forks, and was wondering about their compatibility with my 2017 TC250. I would obviously be getting them completely redone for MX (currently in SM form) but this would be an ideal situation for me as I could then setup my stock stuff for offroad. I can get a pretty sweet deal since they are used, and it would cost as much as I was looking to spend on my stock components to make them work for me anyway. Any ideas or dimensions I should look for? The seller has been great about answering my questions, I just dont know which ones to ask next!
  5. ryno625

    Giving up the mikuni battle!

    I just got a Lectron and V-Force4 from Slavens Racing. They are claiming that this is THE setup and the owner of Slavens claims to have done extensive tuning with both companies. I got their TC/SX specific setup and can't wait to get it dialed in. As everyone else has said though, I think that the stock reeds are junk. I had a Boyesen RC2 Rad valve and was super impressed, but it won't work in conjunction with the Lectron because it is a cast unit unlike stock or V-Force. Slavens sent me a new boot that is shorter specifically for the Lectron. (side note, my Boyesen is for sale).
  6. ryno625

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    Seems to work better than the stock V-force 3 knockoff
  7. 2017 TC250. Sorry I forgot I hadn't updated my signature
  8. ryno625

    2018 TC250

    I like the hard foam, no need for a cushy seat on an MX bike! As far as the rear brake, I did the conversion kit on it from Fasst Co. and it seems to work a bit better and has a more positive feel
  9. ryno625

    17-18 TC250 PIPES

    I just ordered a boyesen RC2 RAD Valve, Factory fatty, and Ti 2.1 shorty. I will post back once I have had a chance to ride it with them on. I am really hoping to wake up the mid and top end on my TC. If that doesnt do it, I am going to try the RK-Tek head too.
  10. I’ve been searching around and it appears almost no one offers triple clamps for Huskys aside from spending a ton on XTRIG or Neken. No RG3, Applied, or any of those!?
  11. ryno625

    2018 TC250

    I am in the same boat with the mixture. I was worried about running 60:1 as well. I ride in the 500 ft range typically with a wide variety of temps and the bike seems a little fat still. I just ordered a FMF 2.1 Titanium shorty, so I will see how messes with the jetting. A factory fatty and either V-force4 or Boyesen will follow soon. Anyone done any work on the suspension yet? I have been wondering about the Spring conversion kit
  12. ryno625

    2018 TC250

    I have heard from several sources that the key to making these engines run right is mixing the gas at 60:1. Thats where I have been mixing mine since I finished up the break-in gas and it seems happy. No jetting issues that others have described so far!
  13. ryno625

    First time Husky owner, 2017 TC250

    Thanks man, does anyone have any experience with how a boyesen RAD valve versus a V-Force4?
  14. I picked up my first Husky on Thursday. I rode a 2017 TC last Sunday and decided that was an expensive ride as I had to have one afterwards. I am a die hard two stroke guy, former local pro (motocross), and am coming off of a 125sx, which I plan on keeping. What I am curious about is what you 2017+ TC250 owners are finding you like/dislike. I like a hard hitting bike, so I will be playing with that as this motor is strong, but mellow. My other concern is the AER48. This is my first experience with an air fork. So far my intended mod list is as follows: Pro Circuit Works pipe and R-304 V-Force 4 reeds Revalve Suspension (potentially a spring conversion if necessary too) Shiny parts as they apply. I intend on keeping the bike for a while so I dont mind spending a little to tune it to my needs. I am also wondering who you guys like to go through for parts, I am finding alot of places limited on what they carry for this particular model. Thanks!