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  1. SidewinderX

    KTM resale value vs Husaberg

    Unfortunately Husaberg is lower resale here. Only because nobody has experience with them or has heard of them....
  2. SidewinderX

    suspension shops

    In Hickory..... Call Mark http://www.motovationsracing.com/#
  3. So, who's going to the Brown Frown anytime soon? I want to get there either this weekend or the next.
  4. Completely off subject but similarly related: Its not a simple math equation like some have brought up lately. I have seen this on other forums as well. Example: My 6.4L Ford diesel is pushing @600 Hp and 1284 ft/lbs. You cant equate that in a math format, only on a dyno...... If you ride in it, it will equate for you rather quickly though.
  5. SidewinderX

    2011 150XC vs SX

    Hey Gmoss. I hope the 150 is treating you well. Wanted to keep steering toward true facts here. We never changed the sprockets on your bike. It came with those same sprockets from Carolina KTM when we bought her new. KTM has been known to have misprints etc. in documentation as well as different parts from start of year models to end of year models. Regardless, no big deal other than those are the stock sprockets on your bike. Hope to ride with you soon if I can get off work....
  6. SidewinderX

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Can someone send me a code? I will gladly pay it forward.
  7. SidewinderX

    What KTM is right for my son?

    My son is 14 now. He went from a '08 KTM 85 XC to a '12 KTM 150 SX last August when he was 13. He is currently 5' 8" and @ 150 lbs. probably grew 2" in the last year..... IMHO: he is on the Perfect bike for him! It's lightweight, has plenty of power, and easy to maintain! Although he has friends with KTM 300, KXF450, KTM 350's..... My son's bike has been ultra reliable, and he is very fast on it. Of course, his friends give him crap about it being a 150.... But they can't keep up. I was very hesitant about the jump to the 150 at first, but in hindsight, it was perfect for him. Good luck in your search.
  8. SidewinderX

    The Brown Frown

    Interesting... I swore the one yesterday was a 450 (my brother has a '04 YZF 250) and I know for a fact thst it did not have any #'s on it. I saw a "wicked thunder.com" sticker on the side plate and asked him if he purchased it there. He looked confused and did not know what I was talking about..... Maybe they have more than one bike....
  9. SidewinderX

    The Brown Frown

    Just for awareness.... I talked to a nice NFS Ranger on an older YZ450 dirtbike at Brown Mt today. He said that it was their mount that was purchased from Fun Cycles. Apparently, Fun Cycles was the only dealer that would take a US Government credit card. He was very friendly in the parking lot..... Be careful out there gentlemen, and ride safe.
  10. SidewinderX

    '12 KTM 250 XC- Rekluse EXP and other ?'s

    Original monk, I searched for 6 months trying to find a great deal and found one.... I got the bike with 8 hrs on it and a PILE of gear for $5500. The bike has the Rekluse EXP 2.0, suspension bottles/ Valved and sprung for my weight, GPR dampener, EE skid plate, EE hand guards, Pro tapers, brand new tires, etc, etc,,,, I'm pretty stoked about the deal. I've already sold $500 of excess gear I don't need..... And I have more for sale.
  11. SidewinderX

    '12 KTM 250 XC- Rekluse EXP and other ?'s

    Perfect, perfect, perfect! Exactly what I needed. Thx!
  12. SidewinderX

    '12 KTM 250 XC- Rekluse EXP and other ?'s

    Thx for the replies. I have the box ( its the EXP 2.0 ) with the original parts and a handful of springs. I will call Rekluse when I have time. Any special oil that I should run?
  13. SidewinderX

    '12 KTM 250 XC- Rekluse EXP and other ?'s

    Thx. It was my understanding that the bike is able to idle in any gear in the event of a dismount. This is the only purpose that I am aware off to have the Rekluse. If not then the PO spent $900 for ? Idk. I don't have a manual to check the setup. But, I take it from your statement that it can be adjusted. I will search for a manual online. Thx again.
  14. I have been out of true dirt riding for a few years but just bought a 2012 KTM 250XC w/ 8 hrs on it and more goodies than I know how to tweak... Im no stranger to normal bike setup but have a few ?'s about the extras that came on the bike. Unfortunately the PO did not know how to change the oil, much less set anything up.... 1- Rekluse Core EXP- I have rejetted the bike per manual. With the bike in 1st gear, it will die at idle. If I turn the idle up very high to keep it alive it will then creep. So, the clutch must be dragging on the motor. Can I adjust and how? Any special oil that I need to use? 2- GPR Steering Dampener Any quick guidance as to how to adjust per terrain? Tight ST=?? Wide open two track=?? 3- Fork bottles Suspension was valved and sprung for my weight by Neeley Racing. They also added their Fork bottles. Any quick guidance as too proper maintenance on these? Do you just bleed as per normal? Thanks
  15. SidewinderX

    The Brown Frown

    I am headed to Brown myself this weekend. I'm just not sure which day yet. Taking my son and massaging my new bike to where I want it. This is 450trailrider btw.... Been absent for awhile from here....