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  1. mxrider14

    07 450ecx

    Sorry for the EPIC 5 year thread revival, but does anyone know where I can get the hard parts supermoto wheels with brakes [rotors] for $900 as stated above? I've been searching high and low, and I cannot come close to a deal like that.
  2. 2007 DRZ400sm countershaft seal went out while riding it. Found out before the engine seized, but the dipstick had no oil on it. We replaced everything needed, new seal, spacer, and small o-ring in the seal. We put everything back together, and it still leaks. One thing I noticed was when I installed the seal the first time, I pushed it in too far. I gently pulled it back out and made it flush with the engine case. I then put in the spacer and rotated it a couple times to get the lips of the seal situated before putting on the sprocket. I oiled the seals before installation. I was really bummed that it still leaks. Did I miss something here? I looked at the "How-to" section and didn't see anything I might have missed.
  3. mxrider14

    Suzuki DRZ400s vs KTM LC4 640

    Seriously, people complain way too much about stuff. The seat is like a sofa compared to any other dirtbike I've ridden, and in my opinion, it's even larger than the drz's seat. I've done numberous hard 250 mile twisties on my supermoto lc4. I had a Husqvarna 610sm before getting my KTM. People said the seat SUCKED so bad. People said you couldnt ride it long, blah blah. Personal experience, they were all wrong. The bike kicks the husky's ass. The vibes. Oh the vibes. Once your balls drop, you'll get over it. It's a thumper. Your hands will be numb after 20 miles. If it isnt thumping, then you've either got a problem with the bike, or it's got 25hp. Just because it isn't a cadillac, doesnt mean it's a poorer bike than the drz. It's a dirtbike! Main bearing is fixed with $110 and about 3 hours. Nothing else is problematic with the LC4. The LC4 comes with better suspension, better brakes, and a better motor. Do the math, and trade the man before he doesnt want your DRZ anymore. Just be sure there isnt a reason he is trying to get rid of it... Go ride the KTM and make your decision.
  4. mxrider14

    Clattering noise from 440

    I think it's time to sell the DRZ and buy yourself a KTM to keep up with your friend. Sorry for this non-informative, troll post. Ah thumpertalk, how I've missed you.
  5. mxrider14

    Turbo Wr250X

    Has anyone seen this? I did a quick search on the forum and I didn't see anyone post it yet.. Enjoy... and sorry if it's a repost.
  6. mxrider14

    Least tiring woods race bike

    To the OP, WR250F or CRF250X is the easiest, comfortable, plush and yet still quick woods bike. Power delivery doesn't wear you out, and it is still light. If you stall it, you got the E-start so you dont have to be kicking, and lots of times you dont even have to put your feet down to start it.
  7. mxrider14

    wish my old 954rr sounded like this

    holy ballz....
  8. mxrider14

    60's British Scrambles.

    seen that a while back on here, its a great video indeed!
  9. mxrider14

    mhmmm studs :]

    people run studs in the trails?
  10. mxrider14

    my kx

    dang. it looks like a 1 or 2 year old bike. nice
  11. mxrider14

    *Vid* The best Baja 1000 wrecks!

    lol i loved the random boxing scene.
  12. mxrider14

    To the guy who made "NO NOISE MOTOCROSS"

    that fail stuff is hilarious haha
  13. mxrider14

    are you bron stupid?

    hahahahaha omgomgomg that scooter stuff is funny!
  14. mxrider14

    No-title dirt bikes in Michigan

    its a long difficult process. you can't file for a "lost title" because the bike was never in your name in the first place. You can try the mechanics lean, i've never had any luck with that. If you are real nice and batt your eyes at the nice lady at your local DMV, they can "hook you up." I signed for the previous owner of a 2001 sv650s over to my name right in front of her. Just show them you are serious and honest and they will work with you. I switched my bike over to my name by signing a "TITLE ONLY" paper so i wouldnt have to back up his taxes. I just had to pay for mine. BTW this is TEXAS, not michigan... so it could be different.
  15. mxrider14


    i wonder how the batteries would react to extreme heat and humidity. Here in san antonio, summers suck when it is 100+ degrees fahrenheit and the humidity is off the charts.