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  1. Took it to my suspension guy, says it was sprung for a 225 pound rider. I suppose that's why...getting it resprung, revalved etc. Was hoping to save some $ but my suspension guy cut me a really good deal, 360 bucks total with tax for new race tech springs, and a revalve for woods. Couldn't pass that up, he's done my suspension before and he is very good. Can't pass up that deal!!
  2. Hi, I have a 2008 KTM 250XCW-(E). The KTM Manual shows suspension is set up for a 185 pound rider. I weigh about 150-155, and with gear, probably 170 or so. I realize that's a 30 pound difference. I tried adjusting the race sag and I got it to 63mm....My suspension guy said with pds it should be about 105-110mm. I can't go any more than 63mm or else the spring has absolutely no tension on it and it's just loose, at this point it just is lowering the bike. It just seems a bit odd to me that it's almost 40mm off and half of what it should be..... Can it really be that far off for 30 pounds? Is it possible it was sprung for a heavier rider before or do I need to drop some coin and get the right springs? I suspect something is a little off because I thought my '13 CRF250r was set up for about 180 as well and I got the sag up to 100 for that bike so I'm a bit confused.
  3. 08 KTM 250 XCW-(E) Street legal, but I only have raced enduro's and Hare Scrambles with it. Braaaaaaaaaap!
  4. Here is my set up. Not sure I like it much...The clutch seems too low, and the rear brake seems too high. With the clutch above and rear below, They feel too close like there's not enough space between the two. If the rear brake was above, they will touch on the master cylinder. That's how I have it now, at least the clutch is somewhat in a normal position, but the rear brake now seems too high. I am not a big fan, I just am too 'old school' with the foot pedal....it's instinctive. The only time I use the lever is occasionally going down super steep down hills and flopping my legs all over the place like a goon. Which surprisingly doesn't happen all that often even though the rest of my riding is pretty goon-like! hahaha I just can find a good spot for it, if I could, I might love it.
  5. Just curious, What would happen if you kicked and hit the e start at the same time? (I have the rekluse installed.)
  6. A13

    Camelbak hose through helmet

    Sorry for the bump....Anyone that runs it through the front of their helmet have any tips on how to keep it from sliding back and sliding forward into your face when riding or racing? Could someone please post pictures of how it goes into the front and pictures from the inside please?
  7. Thank You, this is exactly what I was looking for! I searched the AMA's website with no luck, so thanks for the link! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it. I will be sure to post a review of the helmet up once I ride with it for a few hours this weekend (if it comes today) and again after I race with it next Sunday!
  8. Can you still ride with an ECE Helmet in AMA races? I've never raced any GNCC, but plan to in the future and it'd really suck to not have the right helmet. Same price between the DOT/Snell and the ECE...That's my only worry. It says it weighs 3.3 pounds for the snell helmet, and 4.1 for my current helmet so thats a big difference already. The ECE is apparently between 2 and 3 pounds???
  9. Yesterday I raced in a 2 hour hare scramble. I only race hare scrambles and race almost every other weekend so I am used to the length and used to getting hot, but yesterday I got extremely over heated causing me to see spots and get dizzy. I had to pull off in the pits, then I ditched the gear, dumped cold water on myself, and still fainted in the truck with the A/C on. I was running top 5 out of 30-40 in my class when it happened so it really was disappointing to not finish, and honestly it's been over a year since the last time I haven't finished a race. My head was getting super hot so I ditched the goggles which still didn't do much. I HAD somewhat long hair, (3 inches long roughly) which I believe helped hold the heat in too. Today I said screw it, and buzzed it so hopefully it won't hold the heat in as bad or be one of the reasons for ending my race. However I've had problems with the heat before I had the long hair, I have a history of not doing so well in the heat in general since my elementary school days. I'm almost 18 now, weigh 145 and am 6'0 tall and I consider myself to be in shape, so I don't think it's a fitness issue. I was already in the market for a new helmet (Currently use a Fox V1), but after yesterday, I turned my attention to a helmet that's both safe and very well ventilated and to heck with the color or looks. After a little reading, It seems the Klim F4 is one of the best helmets as far as ventilation to keep you cool. Does anyone race with the Klim F4 Helmet? I can't find too many recent reviews on it, or many at all. I was looking to buy it just because on a forum from July of 2014 multiple people said it was very good for ventilation to keep you cool, but the helmet apparently has since been redesigned...I was wondering with all the vents how it is in the rain for water getting in, and how it does it do in colder weather when you don't want the air flow? The main rear vents look like they would take in water pretty easily. How's it do when you aren't moving too quickly, going through tight trails etc.? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MzEwWDMxOA==/z/o0MAAOSwBahU5gtj/$_12.JPG?rt=nc Any other good helmets out there that are 400 or less? (Sort of on a budget since I am trying to pay for all the racing expenses without help from my parents now that I graduated HS.) Thank you...any feedback will be appreciated!!
  10. Thanks man! My dad hates the idea...but I got my mom supporting the pink. Swear my dad thinks I'm gay now. Hahaha I just find it funny he jokes about it....cause I've gotten some other guys to incorporate pink into their 2015 season....pink iron on ribbons, pink goggles, pink gloves, pink handguards....whatever. My dad will be suprised to see all the pink at the races! I really think it's cool how everyone is happy to join in and go pink with me and a friend so willingly. It honestly was a suprise to me that guys would be actually excited to go pink for breast cancer awareness. My series actually holds an anual race on mothers day in honor of a woman who was very involved in racing that lost her battle with breast cancer. Can't wait to go there and have a large group of racers in pink.
  11. Yea!!! I'd like to make an iron on for my jersey as well as get a few stickers made for my bike. Great Idea!!!
  12. I agree as well.....However, even Susan G. Komen brings in millions in donations and 80% goes toward breast cancer research....80% is a lot, but you ain't donating to pay the owner hundreds of thousands a year....that other 20% also adds up quick, you know. Honestly, not trying to be a dick either, but my family has payed our fair share in medical expenses and all. Not saying it's donations, but it's not like we haven't donated a lot as well. I believe I will probably just buy some large womens gear on clearance from Rocky Mountain. 80 bucks for a gear set ain't bad. Pink or not. I need new gear either way, so really it's not too bad of deal. I was going to get a new helmet as well, but I think I'll put my airbrushing skills to work and do it my self. If and when I do, I'll post up some pics.
  13. Already got em. Pink 100%'s.
  14. Hey everyone, My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and my buddies grandma survived breast cancer twice. I also have numerous family members that have had breast cancer....Runs in the family. We want to get pink gear to show support for my mom, his grandma, my family members that have survived it, and everyone else who has had breast cancer, has it now, lost a loved one to it, or knows someone with or who had it. We just can't seem to find any pink gear in men's sizes. I know it's a weird color for guys, but I can't find ANYTHING! I know Stewart rode with pink Answer gear a while back, and I can't even find that anywhere! All we're in search of is jersey and pants. If anyone knows where I might be able to find some pink gear it'd be much appreciated. It'd mean a lot to do this for my mom. Thank You.