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  1. braunj

    Best 6k enduro bike?

    I want to buy a vowel ...
  2. braunj

    Trump to Reduce Size of Two National Monuments

    Here is a news article from KSL.com, the local news for Salt Lake City. https://www.ksl.com/?sid=46214178&nid=148 It shows that the first exploiters of Bear Ears are not the oil and gas companies but the hypocritical enviro-weenies - I call them the Green Taliban. And $10,000 for a day hike? Talk about 1%ers. This is not for local working people but for Silicon Valley millennials who want catered meals with their "adventure". The state of Utah and it's people have lived, worked, and protected this land since it was first settled. We don't need west/east coast elitists to tell us about how to take care of our own. If you don't know it, Patagonia has been leading the fight on this. That's their right but I will never ever buy any more of their clothing. That's my right. I think it's more about maintaining their snob appeal with their clientele than their dedication to the land. Protect the land FOR the people, not FROM the people.
  3. braunj

    The DRZ400E Vs. KLX351 dilemma

    I took a slightly different route. I taught my wife how to ride and she loved it. Now I have a great wife AND a great riding partner. See if your wife is interested and give her the choice of which one she wants. Or the Honda CRF230 is a great starter bike that's inexpensive and unintimidating. I mention this because I constantly amazed at the number of guys who have never encouraged their wives/partners to share trail riding with them. My experience is that a surprising number of them will say Yes if you skip the macho BS. Here's a picture of a buddy of mine and his partner at Hurrah Pass outside of Moab a couple of weeks ago. She started small but now rides a 250 with everyone else. Good Luck