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  1. Propnutz

    KLX 300 Questions

    Pardon me for hijacking this thread (sort-of), and pardon some of my ignorance, but; Does the FCR carb for a KLX300 have a specific model number or size? Or are any/all FCRs the same? Thank you, Bill P, inadvance
  2. Gotta agree with fletcher. Why the heck can't Yamaha put that 250 Serow in the USA?! They already roll it off their assembly lines! Its not like the Japanese manufacturers don't have a foot-hold in the USA. That design is what? a decade old?, same with other Japanese makes. They've make their money back off of that design long ago. Apparently, they'd rather take their $ and develop robotics. It would be easy money for the Far East Four to redo some paperwork and sell some of their world market dualsports in the USA. Heck, didn't Chrysler go from drawing board to prototype in less that 12 months with the PT Cruiser? Yes, with modular design or something like that. That was a car. In the USA. It is possible to do! If the Far East Four really wanted to fill some order forms, then all they got to do is pull parts off the shelves, and give us what we've been asking for in the last couple of years: lightweight aluminum perimiter frames that are dirt-worthy for the 21st century, and the 400-450-500cc engines to match All of the extreme R&D has already been done to acheive their awesome MX engines; all they need is a little de-tuning (easy to do, if not already done). And lighting? well, that hasn't really changed too much in the last 50 years (hey, isn't Yamaha 50 years old?). It doesn't even take your A-team designers away from their flagship projects: just get some B-team designers and let them have access to the parts bins, and viola! A money making bike design! At least Kawasaki, with their "new" klx250S, has figured this out, though they are still just testing the waters with this one. They could go larger displacement, but haven't. Suzuki is on a roll with the last Supercross season. They should be less cautious and capitalize on their success: make their alum perimeter frame 450 four-stroke a dual sport! Come on, it is right there in front of them! And Honda - who wouldn't throw down for a street-legal 450f? It's a no-brainer. We all do the same thing: every year, we look at what our dealers here in the USA have to offer us in the form of a "dual sport". Well for the last couple of years, the "best" dual sport is one as new as 2003: a converted trailbike! Suzuki's drz400 comes the closest to what we want, but it is still 40-50 pounds too heavy. Everything else is too wimpy, or too heavy(adventure). Yeah, yeah, KTM. Too pricey for most of us, realistically (see "world market"). Hey guys, sorry for the rant, but when are the Japanese manufacturers gonna wake up?
  3. For this Simple Green Extreme, they recomend diluting it; not full strenth! Dilute any where from 1:1 to 1:15, S.G. (Extreme to Water) http://www.simplegreen.com/pdfs/05_dilutions_extreme.pdf
  4. Propnutz

    Race-Tech Suspension

    Nice avatar. Was that ed edd or eddy? I didn't go to RaceTech, but I got my fork springs from them. 44s. Nice improvement over the stock springs for me. If you havent already, checkout their website(RaceTech), and it will give their spring rate recomendation for your weight. It is a good start. If you have the $$ to spend, follow BillP's advice and have a good suspension shop do it - they'll get the valving right for you too. Give George a call either way, it's worth the call.
  5. I does look real klx300ish, but maybe that's the green. Nice that Kawi got away from that army green. Does it share engine frame of the past KLRs, or are those new designs?
  6. Propnutz

    13T Countershaft Sprocket

    Hey bds surf: it sounds like the combination you settled on is a 13/49. Did I read that right?
  7. Propnutz

    Replace factory handlebar KLX400R

    I have the Pro Taper SE Bar with a KX Hi bend - supposedly taller that the CR Hi, according to their specs. I'm 6'1'', and feel it still needs to be taller for standing. Maybe I'll try adding bar-clamp risers. OOPs! Sorry. you have a 400. I have a 300.
  8. Propnutz

    RaceTech Fork Springs

    Thanks FLboy and Brewster. I'm familiar with that thread and others as well. That thread was one that helped me decide to go with the 44s. I compared the new and old springs, and the 44's were a tad shorter than the stock springs. It was evident that the included spacers were exactly the thickness that made up the difference, so I put'em in. This gave me 40mm of race sag, so I'll take the spacers out, which should give around 50mm race sag. Many think that 90 - 100mm is a good race sag for this bike. Maybe these 44's are too heavy? We'll see how they ride..... UPDATE: I contacted Carl at RaceTech, and he said the spacers were meant to go in, for the purpose of keeping the spring length the same. Still have yet to try it out on a ride.
  9. Propnutz

    RaceTech Fork Springs

    I got my set of RaceTech fork springs today. The 3 page instruction sheet has lots of info, maybe too much, as I found it a bit confusing (see avatar). Seriously, though, I'm not sure if the spacers that came with the springs are to be used or not. As best as I can determine from the directions, They are to be left out. Anyone out ther know for sure? Oh yeah, They are the 44s for a KLX300.
  10. Propnutz

    Broken shifter

    Hey coveor, go to www.buykawasaki.com/Default.asp?, and click on "owner info". From there, click on "Parts Diagrams". You can search by model info or VIN. It can even help you locate the VIN. Searching by VIN will give you the model, year and any variant. Good luck to ya!
  11. Propnutz

    where else in socal can i ride?

    Hey tiggerific, you ought to be able to go anywhere you want with a current license plate on-road or off - a nice thing to have. A green sticker would only allow you go to the OHV parks (of course, all you need to ride private land is the permission of the land owner).
  12. Propnutz

    Stroker Stuff

    Thanks borsy. I'll have a look at the front springs and see if I can figure out if they are stock or not. Not sure what to look for, though. Whatever is in there, it will be nice to know what I'm working with when I make adjustments.
  13. Propnutz

    Stroker Stuff

    On my recently aquired 2000 KLX300, it came with a Stroker Link for the rear suspension. I was told that it moves the linkage up, out of harms way, but keeps the ride height/suspension travel the same as stock. The components of this mod are the "dogbone" links and the "L" shaped link. Any of you out there familiar with this after market product for the KLX300? I know that Stroker made other stuff for this bike, but this is the first I'd heard of the rear linkage. The rear coil spring on my bike is yellow powdercoat. Is this a stock spring? I'm 6'1", 185 lbs., so I'm wondering how this suspension suits me. So far as I can tell, I like it a lot, but I have nothing really to compare it to, other than the older(technology) bikes that I've owned. Part of what I love about this bike is the reduced weight. It is so much easier to handle. Also, what taller bars/risers would you recomend? Finally, go for Brewsters ACR mod if you haven't already. You can really feel less compression resistance when kicking, yet starts as readily as ever. It has got to be putting less stress on the gears in there....
  14. Propnutz

    Rear axle spacers ?

    On my KLX300: I had my rear wheel off and cleaned all the old crap off the wheel and rear axle parts. I got everything regreased for reassembly, then realized that the two axle spacers are different lengths (doh!). Which goes on right side and which goes on the left??